ATAR subject

An Overview of ATAR


ATAR, or Australian Tertiary Admission Rank, is not a mark but a ranking system which compares the year 12 results with the rest of the final students across Australia. The ATAR ranks help universities and other institutions compare the scores while granting admissions. As it is a uniform score, it is considered irrespective of the subjects studied by each of the students.


The ATAR is represented as a number between 0.00 and 99.95 with increments of 0.05. The average score scored by students is 70.00 out of 99.95. The ATAR score is only considered for university entry. The ATAR calculated has some differences concerning different states in Australia. So, the score is in comparison with students of that particular state. The differences in markings can be checked in detail at the ATAR website. 


Certain adjustments are applicable when computing the final ATAR score with respect to each university. The adjustments range as follows:


  • Elite Athlete and Performer adjustments: Based on sports

  • Equity adjustment: Based on any disadvantage

  • Location adjustment: Based on the applicant’s proximity to the institution

  • Subject modification: With regard to academic requirements for a specific subject in higher education

  • Maximum adjustment: The higher limit of adjustment, which is done after combining all the applicable adjustments for a student. 


The takeaway is that a good rank in ATAR can help higher-secondary students have a better chance of getting into their dream university or college.


Online Tutoring for ATAR


During the Corona era, online tutoring gained widespread popularity. Even after the virus has remotely subsided and opened up institutions, children and parents prefer online coaching or tutoring. ATAR has a crucial role in deciding the future of a child and determines whether they will be able to attend their dream college or not. The positive note of the ranking is that there is no separate examination but students need good scores in the existing subjects for the final years. Online tutoring helps students get that individual attention, which is usually not possible when it comes to classes at school. Subject-oriented guidance is a promise when you take up online tutoring at ATAR. ATAR courses include:


  • 8 units from Category A courses.
  • 2 units of English.
  • Three Board Developed courses of 2 units or greater
  • Four subjects.


And the ATAR is calculated from: 


  • Best 2 units of English
  • The best 8 units from your remaining units, which can include no more than 2 units of Category B courses.


Online tutoring Australia helps students to learn each subject with attention to detail, which ensures that they score high in the subjects and, thereby, get a better rank or score in the ATAR.


Highlights of Edugraff's ATAR tutoring in Australia


Edugraff is one of the premier institutions that is known for its academic excellence in the tutoring of ATAR subjects. It is reliable coaching for ATAR, which helps the Year 12 students to achieve higher marks in their ATAR subjects.


  • An analysis of the final year students who opt for the tutoring is done by Edugraff before the commencement of classes to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the students. This will help Edugraff to give more preference to areas that require immense improvement.
  • Edugraff offers two different types of tutoring benefits; individual tutoring and group tutoring. Individual tutoring will give the student personal attention and analysis. These students require special attention to their learning process and to their weaker subjects. Group tutoring is also a good choice as it will comprise a handful of students and can initiate discussions between the students, which helps in collective understanding and growth.
  • Individual online tutoring allows the students to reschedule their classes at times of sickness or other emergencies. Group tutoring will have recorded sessions, so there is no chance of missing any classes at any point in time.
  • Edugraff helps students get a good score in ATAR by helping them get a steady foundation in the subjects evaluated for the ATAR ranking. Edugraff has a very strong hold on these subjects and will be able to cater to every student and their requirements.
  • Frequent mock tests and practise tests are held for students, which help them master the concepts and principles of each subject. Timed tests are also conducted to help students be aware of the time limit while attending the exams.


How Can Our ATAR Tutors Help?


Each of the tutors in Edugraff is hired to teach after a strict hiring process. The tutors have strong background knowledge in each subject they teach. This ensures that all of the student's doubts will be cleared and answered in the online classes by our efficient tutors. We hire tutors who are compassionate and interactive with the students. A good rapport of communication can help build a trusting relationship between the students and the teacher. This will encourage the students to voice their doubts and opinions with respect to the learning process of each subject. We also have frequent parent-teacher interactions, which will help the parents to know their ward's academic progress and be better involved in the learning process. The ATAR is a detrimental score that decides the future of the final year students. Therefore, they require tutors who are fully involved and help them get better and greater results in their final year examinations. Edugraff, through their tutors, provides just that.




  1. How can I view my ATAR scores?

    The ATAR scores can be viewed by different methods:


    • Log into your ATAR portal account.
    • The ATAR results will be directly sent to your registered email address.
    • And you can print your results directly from the ATAR portal. 


  3. Do we get our ATAR scores via post?

    No, you will not be able to receive your ATAR scores through the post.


  5. Are the classes Edugraff flexible?

    The classes of Edugraff can be scheduled according to the preference of students. In case you missed the group tutoring class, you are always welcome to reach out for the recorded session.


  7. How does Edugraff tutoring work?

    We take classes through Skype, Google Meet, or Zoom.


  9. When will the ATAR scores be released?

    The ATAR scores are usually released in December. 9

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