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Edugraff provides intensive online chemistry tutoring in Australia for students who want to learn Chemistry in an organized manner. Being in the education industry, we have many experienced online tutors to help our students. Choose your favorite online tutor with us, and learn chemistry through live chemistry online tuition classes.

Chemistry for Year 11 and 12 Students

The chemistry curriculum for the year 11 and 12 students level is a continuation of the chemical sciences strand followed in the High School. Our online Chemistry tutoring in Australia is perfect to help students who have already dealt with the concepts of the atomic structure of materials and how they are transformed by changes in their atomic structure, rearrangements within the atom, and energy transfer.

At Edugraff, our online Chemistry tutors encourage students to learn how chemical phenomena explain nature and the environment and how crucial it is for meeting our fundamental needs of food, clothing, housing, power, and a clean environment. Likewise, every unit of our Chemistry curriculum is handled effectively, making sure that no lessons are left unattended. More than just online tutoring, through our online Chemistry classes we impart extensive knowledge about each concept properly.

We help you learn chemistry extensively, understanding chemical equations and reactions, discovering the atomic structure, chemical equilibrium, and a lot more in our live chemistry classes. Students learning Chemistry are expected to utilize the basic Maths knowledge from the High School level to analyze and explain the transformations Mathematically where applicable. For example, students should apply their knowledge of Algebra, ratios, percentages, Graphing using a Logarithmic scale, and Statistical techniques to gather and measure data and analyze them.

With these many years of experience, Edugraff is competent to cover the syllabus of your school chemistry courses, relating to the standard topics prescribed. Our Chemistry courses are concise and engaging to help you with your exam preparations, improve your grades, finish assignments, and strengthen your chemistry knowledge.

As in the case of other subjects at Senior High School, there are 4 Units in ATAR Chemistry as adopted by all the States and Territories. Unit 1 and 2, in Year 11 covers the properties of materials at a macroscopic level and the atomic level, chemical reactions, and factors affecting the rate of chemical reactions.

In Year 12 consisting of Units 3 and 4, students continue with the concepts learned in Unit 1 and 2, and further develop their knowledge of chemical reactions considering energy transfers during a reaction, and stoichiometric calculations. They further learn about chemical equilibrium, Redox reactions, and electrochemical cells. They use these models to explain the synthesis process, particularly with organic synthesis and its applications.

Why You Must Perform in Chemistry

Chemical technologies improve our lives in myriad ways by providing new solutions to problems in health, resources, and energy usage. Research is gaining momentum and thus giving way to discoveries. Chemistry will help us in the fields of sustainable energy and food production, pollution control, providing safe drinking water, and promoting human and environmental health.

Why Edugraff?

Edugraff, as a leading online tutoring platform in Australia, equips the students with skills to pursue careers and higher studies in a range of pathways including a degree in Chemistry. Some of the pathways are teaching, forensic scientist, environmental scientist, engineering, geochemist, medicine, pharmacy, pharmacologist.

If you are looking for great ideas and strategies to help you perform your best in chemistry, you've come to the right place; Edugraff can help you with meticulous sessions. For rigorous online chemistry tutoring in Australia, use Edugraff and learn chemistry thoroughly through live online tuition classes.

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