Online Biology Tutoring


Biology is the science of living organisms. Biology helps us understand the various processes of life and how they happen. Learning biology invites us to a deeper understanding of the molecular level of life to study the complete ecosystem. Through learning Biology, we can understand and level up our curiosity about our existence, and we function and interact on multiple levels. Human biology is an interesting and exquisite area of study in Biology, where students learn more about the human species and its evolution, how various parts of the body function and how the body is receptive to the world around. The Australian Curriculum of Biology helps students understand, address and manage sustainability, environmental and health aspects of life. The Curriculum helps to develop varied skills like critical skills, scientific understanding, creative thinking and ethical awareness of what the subject proposes. The Curriculum also tries to create an innate acknowledgement of various concepts that will help to learn concepts in the higher classes as well. 

Online Tutoring for Biology

The recent turnout of events has induced parents to take up online classes keeping in mind the pandemic. Even when life is slowly coming back to its normal self, students find it more convenient to opt for online tutoring classes. Learning biology is never an eBay process. Online tutoring in Biology provides in-depth understanding through one on one classes. Individual attention is an essential factor when learning biology. Expert tutors are able to understand the specific needs of students and charter the study schedule accordingly. It can help the students to feel at ease and develop interest. Students become less and less hesitant to ask questions and become more engaged in the learning sessions with the online biology tutor. Online tutoring in Biology helps students to get much more flexibility than the traditional form of learning. They need not have to travel long hours to reach their tutoring centre. You can also change the tutor if the current one is not meeting your expectations without hassle. Online tutoring in Biology helps make the learning process much more fun by putting the use of many additional resources which can gain better attention from students. 

Career Pathways in Biology

Learning Biology also gives the students high prospects to look forward to in their career. They can tap into future career possibilities like: Academic Researcher, Marine Biologist, Microbiologist, Nanotechnologist, Pharmacologist etc. These exciting opportunities can help interested students to delve deeper into the fascinating world of Biology.


How does Edugraff Biology tutoring work?

Edugraff online tutoring has its own exquisite perks and uniqueness, which makes it stand out from the rest of its competitors. They have a well-versed team who has been in the teaching field and who especially knows the various nuances of the Australian Curriculum. Edugraff’s online platform gives students the benefit of one-on-one learning and also group tutoring as well. The online platform allows audio and video which helps students communicate in real-time and the tutor also has in possession of a virtual whiteboard which helps recreate the traditional mode of learning. Edugraff biology tutoring helps students with the scope of discussion which can enable them to learn and understand better. Edugraff biology tutoring guides students to evaluate yet another way of learning which involves the practical understanding of various topics in Biology. 

Highlights of Edugraff's Biology tutoring in Australia

Edugraff’s biology tutoring helps students find an earnest comprehension of topics and aids them to put them into practice. They are constantly asked about their understanding level so that they will not lag behind their peers.
 The study of biology can be very much connected to real-life scenarios and students are given the opportunity to analyse their surroundings and put that learning into practice which helps them to gain a better understanding of the concepts. 
Edugraff biology tutoring helps students better understand the different interactions and the flow of energy between different biological systems.
Encouraging students to formulate their questions and find answers by themselves. So, they have a self-analysis of the various concepts under the study structure.
Edugraff’s biology tutoring enhances the curiosity in their students and creates an inert sense and makes them more accountable to their learning process. 
Each and every system adopted is keeping in mind the level of the Australian Curriculum, so there is no fear of moving out of the syllabus.

How Our Biology Tutors Can Help?

Edugraff’s online tutors are selected after a very intensive hiring process. They are judged on their calibre to comprehend concepts and convey the same to students. A rigorous training program is also devised by Edugraff to train them to accustom to levels of Edugraff online tutoring standards. So, Edugraff’s online tutoring system can vouch for the teaching expertise of their tutors. Our biology tutors are friendly and understanding which helps students to feel at ease in their presence. They also help students be less hesitant with their doubts which usually don't come up while they are learning. Edugraff’s biology tutors also bring up a fun side to learning which helps to learn to be more interesting and effective. Tutors also help students be accountable for their own learning and help them be more confident and create trust in the process. Regular meetings scheduled with parents or guardians will communicate in detail about how the student is progressing and the academic standing of the student. Through this process, parents are involved in the academic journey of the child. The tutors also conduct practice tests to analyse the learning capacity of the students and provide assistance wherever necessary. It will help students be assured that they have support even if they are stuck academically. 


1. How does online tutoring work?

Flexible tutoring sessions are provided through Skype or Google Meet, and the tutoring schedules can be arranged according to the requirements of the children.

2. What happens if the students miss the class in a group session?

The classes are recorded for the benefit of the students. So, there is no fear of missing classes due to sickness or other emergency issues. 

3. How will the progress of students be communicated?

There will be regular reporting sessions for parents which provide the progress report of the students.

4. Is revision possible through online tutoring?

The teachers take extreme care to help the students with the revision process. The sessions are recorded so that the students can go back and view the sessions again.

5. Can we take subject-wise lesson plans?

All the packages put forward by Edugraff are keeping in mind the variety of academic needs. There are different packages to suit every student's requirements. 

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