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Online Maths Tutoring


At Edugraff, we provide home-based online maths tutoring from elementary to senior secondary students in Australia. Australian Curriculum for Mathematics falls into two categories. One for the students from Foundation Years to Year 10 and the other for Year 11 and Year 12 levels.

For Elementary Education Level

Edugraff, one of the leading online maths tutoring providers in Australia, aims to describe the quality of teaching and the expectations to be met by students as they progress through the foundation Years up to Year 10. The curriculum followed by Edugraff describes the proficiencies expected in understanding, fluency, problem-solving, and reasoning of the three learning areas- Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, Statistics and Probability. In Edugraff’s home-based online maths tuition, the students improve their knowledge and understanding of the three learning areas by relating with real-world situations, by doing experiments, and thinking beyond what they see, creating, and visualizing. Edugraff follows a unique maths teaching method to prepare students for improving their skills.

With the help of private online maths tutors provided by Edugraff, students can improve their mathematical fluency. Our maths tutors help in problem-solving that needs more critical thinking to apply the concepts by relating the situation to the method learned. Online Mathematics tutor in Australia aids the students to learn the concepts easily and helps to improve their ability to engage in thinking about why a problem was connected to a certain mathematical concept or how they are related or to further analyze alternate solutions.

Online Maths Tutoring for Class 11 and 12 Students

Edugraff also provides online maths tutoring for year 11 and 12 classes. The Senior Secondary Australian curriculum consists of four Maths subjects created to meet the learning needs of further studies. These are Essential Mathematics, General Mathematics, Mathematical Methods, Specialist Mathematics. Each subject is further divided into 4 units that are usually covered in online maths tutoring for Year 11 and Year 12. The States and Territories implement the Australian curriculum based on the local requirements and policies. The terminologies used to name subjects may vary based on the States and Territories, but the content is generally the same.

Senior Secondary Schools prepare students for higher education in various fields related to Maths in addition to pure maths. Here Edugraff plays a significant role as our maths tutors understand its importance in real life, thus extending our arms of tutoring services to students, especially those who require special attention in maths subjects. Maths capabilities are most utilized by computation techniques that are being used in computers. This makes Maths the underlying force behind all technologies. Other fields of Sciences are inseparable from Maths and this makes it a universal language of all Sciences and Scientific research. The learning curve varies with individuals, though every student stands to gain in their special ways. Some students score higher in conventional Maths assessments, but this does not mean that others have not benefited from their efforts.

No more worries about Maths tuition in Australia. Contact us for the best online Maths tutoring in Australia; we will certainly help you acquire better knowledge in Maths and boost your learning capabilities in other learning fields as well.

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