WA Year 5 Mathematics

WA Year 5 Mathematics

  • Curriculum :  WA
  • Grade :  Year 5
  • Subject :  Mathematics
  • Type :  One To One
  • Summary :  Year 5 of the Western Australian curriculum consolidates all the learning done in primary classes to prepare students to take on the newer concepts that they would be introduced to in middle school.

Course Description :

In year 5 students  identify factors and multiples, solve questions on the four operations based on a sequential method, clarify their understanding of fractions and decimals by placing them on a number line, learn how to find missing numbers in mathematical statements, plan and execute simple budgets, understand the 12-hour and 24-hour formats of time, grid references, symmetry and practice construction of various angles.
A basic introduction to data collection and organising helps students build their skills of data analysis in higher classes.



Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability are the core aspects of Mathematics that are used to achieve the skills mentioned above.
Number and Algebra:
·   Factors and Multiples
·   Estimation and Rounding off
·   Operations on Large Numbers
·   Application of Operations on Practical Problems
·   Fractions and Decimals
·   Create Simple Financial Plans
·   Find Unknown Quantities using variables

Measurement and Geometry:
·     Introduction to units of Measurement
·     Perimeter and area of Rectangle
·    12-hour and 25-hour Format Compare and Convert
·     3-D Objects and their Nets, 2-D representations
·     Location and Transformation
·     Measure and Construct Angles


Statistics and Probability:
·     Chance
·     Collection of Data
·     Data displays and Column Graphs  


Key features of the syllabus:

In Year 5, students are able to relate to large numbers and the idea of estimation helps them work around them with familiarity and ease. Creating simple monetary plans helps gain financial skills. Other aspects like time, transformations, the study of routes, and maps using grid references enhance awareness and general aptitude.

Why Edugraff

The Edugraff faculty prepares Year 5 students to face the oncoming challenges of middle school. This is done by giving ample practice, especially in the practical application of concepts. The students are able to mail their queries to their teachers. Teachers will respond at their earliest convenience or clarify doubts in the next live session. Students can also request additional sessions if they have urgent needs. A regular interaction builds a healthy rapport that yields measurable results.

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1. How often are the classes conducted by Edugraff?
The frequency of the classes is at the sole discretion of the student and parent. However, we do recommend a regular timetable so that there can be some periodicity. With subjects like Mathematics, it is advisable to take up 2-4 classes per week. Again, this is entirely dependent on the needs of the student.   


2. How can I supplement the progress of my child?  

Please keep track of what your child is studying and whether he is finishing his assignments on time. Also, talk to your child about problems in understanding, time management, or any other issue he might be facing and bring it to the notice of Edugraff so that corrective measures can be taken.  


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