Naplan preparation tips

Naplan preparation tips

NAPLAN evaluates students' reading, writing, language conventions, and numeracy skills in Grades 3, 5, 7, and 9. Approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes will be required to complete the test, which consists of multiple-choice(MCQ), short-answer, and long-answer questions. Using national benchmarks, the National Assessment Program (NATP) assesses students' proficiency in reading, writing, and arithmetic. Three papers are included in the exam- two for the literacy portion: reading and writing, and one for the numeracy portion. 

The NAPLAN exam does not have a passing score. Nonetheless, data from student assessment tests allow for identifying strengths and shortcomings and tracking growth over time. A NAPLAN test does not require students to study specific subjects as do other standardized tests. Instead, it focuses on the understanding and advancement of students' literacy and numeracy abilities. You may find it challenging to help your child prepare for the exam without any official subjects being tested. Nevertheless, this does not have to be the case. To make sure your child is ready for the NAPLAN exam, there are several steps you can take.

NAPLAN Test: How to Prepare

A NAPLAN test does not measure intelligence or ability, nor does preparation involve learning new material. A good way for your child to prepare for NAPLAN is to familiarize themselves with the test structure and the types of questions they will encounter during the test.

In order to assist your child in preparing for the test, it will be helpful if you ask their teacher for more information. By reviewing sample questions and practicing test-taking strategies, students should become familiar with the content and format of the test. Students can improve their concentration and performance by getting a good night's sleep the night before and fueling themselves on a nutritious breakfast on test day.

You can prepare for the NAPLAN test by following these tips.

1) Foster a desire to learn

Since the NAPLAN is a reflection of the teachings and knowledge learned in the classroom, encouraging lifelong curiosity and enthusiasm for learning can go a long way toward helping your child succeed on the test. If you want your child to do well on the NAPLAN, you should help them develop appropriate study habits so that they are well prepared for the test and can relax and do their best.

2) Understand the NAPLAN test structure.

Taking a NAPLAN practice test is one of the most effective strategies to assist pupils in preparing for the NAPLAN exam. They do not have to answer all of the questions, but they should at least skim through the sample test to get a feel for the different types of questions and the format of the actual paper. A portion of the anxiety associated with the unknown is alleviated when one is informed of what to anticipate in terms of the structure, layout, and phrasing, which helps students feel more confident about their ability to perform well on the NAPLAN examinations.

3) Learn how to complete the NAPLAN test online.

Because of the widespread adoption of online testing in 2019, this will be a significant shift for many students. Please have your child do several online practice tests before test week if they will be taking the NAPLAN online. It will allow them to practice with the system and submit their responses confidently.

4) Maintain communication with teachers

Maintaining an open line of communication with your kid's educator is also an excellent method to assist your child in preparing for the NAPLAN exam. Suppose you and your child's teacher can establish open lines of communication. In that case, you can strengthen the bond between the two settings, ultimately benefiting your child's academic performance. Email, phone calls, and conferences between teachers and parents are all viable options for keeping in touch. Teachers have extensive expertise with both the NAPLAN and your child, which can yield vital insights. If you have any queries concerning the test's format, these experts can assist you. You can always ask the teacher if you think your kid could use some extra help with schoolwork.

5) Brainstorm topics for writing

In the Writing part of the NAPLAN, students will have to write a piece that tells a story, gives information, or tries to persuade. And this means that you have to think of ideas for these on the test! Some kids are full of creative ideas, but a lot of them have trouble coming up with good ideas during tests. Spend some time with them before the Writing test coming up with ideas for writing in response to a practice question. It will help them get better at coming up with ideas.


The NAPLAN test helps assess how well a student is doing in school in certain areas. In order to perform well on a test, you should know what is being evaluated and be ready for it. Some things can help you get ready, so ensure to use them. Preparing is the best way for many kids and parents to feel at ease.

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