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Expert Teachers

Experienced online tuition teachers who are passionate about their subjects. Find a tutor from a pool of experienced teachers from reputed institutes with online experience.


Interactive sessions

Utilise features of the best online tuition site to take you to the next level. Enhanced interactive whiteboard sessions that are converted to recorded videos for revision.


Learn from home

Clear all your doubts in our live tuition classes. Experience a customised pace and depth for your sessions in a progressive manner,flexible to your needs.



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    Post your learning needs, select a course.

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    Select 3 demo time options and submit.

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    Wait for responses from tutors, then select.

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    Accept a demo time with the matching tutor.

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    Make a final choice for regular sessions.


Personalized Online Tutoring Benefits

Choose from a pool of skilled online private tutors.

Benefit from the best online tutoring site, customised depth and pace of session based on your school calender.

Access live classes from your computer at home, saving travelling time and resources.
Enjoy the opportunity of choosing time, place and matching tutor for your need.
You can watch the recording of the completed sessions.

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What our students say


'My weekly sessions in Maths Applications has allowed me to score my desired ATAR score by constantly improving my Mathematical skills and techniques. I have learned new strategies towards tackling difficult situations through the tuition help and I recommend it towards anyone looking to improve their marks'

Martin, Year 12 Mathematics Applications


'"Highly recommended! My son is enrolled in English lessons at Edugraff. Organisers were quick and flexible in organising my kid's schedule. Staff are super friendly and kind. Teachers are qualified  and understand  the curriculum very well."

Neethu, Parent , NSW


"My son is currently having Chemistry and Maths lessons at Edugraff and I am very satisfied with the skills of the teachers. They have a clear understanding of the Australian curriculum and the lessons are well planned to suit the level for my son. I have worked with other online teachers and the teachers at Edugraff are far superior.

The administrative staff are very responsive and attend to all concerns.

I would highly recommend Edugraff if you are looking for a teacher for your child"

'Christabelle Crasto, Parent , Queensland


"My two children who are in year 10 and year 8 have been tutored by Edugraff for the last two years. Since then their Maths grades have improved a lot. They find it easier to understand the topics. I would like to thank Edugraff  for tutoring my children."

Josey Antony, Parent, WA


"I am happy with the teacher, eager to attend the live sessions. She explains all doubts clearly, gives assessments and practise questions"

Merly Mathew, Maths Year 9, NSW

Edugraff, an online tutoring platform in Australia is specifically built to create personalized one-to-one learning programs tailored for each student based on their learning needs. The platform fulfills the needs of students who require extra support either to improve upon their weak areas or to further enhance their grasp on the subject. We provide  the best online tutoring service in Australia, the Edugraff team offers flexible learning hours and a customized teaching methodology to help students learn effectively.

Tutors can progressively adapt to the changing needs as the lessons progress. This is possible due to the flexibility provided by the platform to upload the relevant content for each live session. This provides a blend of online live sessions and relevant learning content as needed. The supporting learning content can be conveniently referred to in between the live sessions either as assignments, tests, or extra learning material. A chat feature in the learning module helps the tutor and student to get connected. When it comes to online tutoring, Edugraff has a dedicated team of online tutors specialized in delivering personalized, one-on-one instruction through our state-of-the-art, collaborative platform.


Tutors enrolled with Edugraff are carefully chosen based on their experience in online tutoring, and their empathy towards different learning requirements. Those who are eligible to apply can visit our website and Edugraff listed the guideline for hiring online teachers. Edugraff online tutoring in Australia is a perfect combination of experienced online tutors and personalized one-to-one tutoring programs to meet your learning needs.


Edugraff offers the STEM subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Science. In addition, Edugraff provides sessions on English, HASS, Gate exam preparation. Maths up to Year 10 are explained with the student's level in mind as the students have a wider range of engagement at this level. The concepts are explained in such a way that students understand the fundamentals of each topic and reasoning why this topic is important and relevant to them personally aligned to their career goals. This approach, we believe, helps them identify a specialization area as they move onto Senior schools and make the right choices.


English, Mathematics Methods, Specialist Mathematics, Mathematics Application, ATAR Physics, and ATAR Chemistry sessions are delivered aimed at meeting the expectations of the internal and year-end examinations. Tutors take advantage of the adaptability possible with one on one lessons and provide feedback as needed. Graphing tools like Geogebra are used to visualize the Maths concepts when needed.


Students who are enrolling on the website are provided with a free demo to familiarise themselves with the whiteboard and its use. Students who like to enroll can book a demo class here. Parents can also share their specific needs with Edugraff, which helps to identify the online tutor with the matching skills sets. The student can engage with a tutor for one month by scheduling one or two sessions per week as needed. This helps the student and tutor to create a rapport and build up a mentoring process aligned with their needs. There are no locked-in contracts, the sessions can be rescheduled if needed.


If you are looking for the best online tutoring in Australia, contact Edugraff. We offer the best personalized online tutoring for any level from School to University.


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