WA Year 7 Mathematics

WA Year 7 Mathematics

  • Curriculum :  WA
  • Grade :  Year 7
  • Subject :  Mathematics
  • Type :  Both
  • Summary :  Year 7 of the Western Australian Curriculum introduces students to many aspects of reasoning, computational accuracy, problem-solving, and application. Our online Maths tutoring for WA Year 7 covers the basics of many topics which will assist them as a foundation for many technical subjects.

Short Description :

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Course Description :

In the Year 7 Western Australian curriculum, the students are given the skill to understand patterns of numbers, exponents (indices), and the relationship between fractions, decimals, percentages, and ratios. Using technologically advanced calculators accurately is included in the syllabus using real numbers as the base. They are taught concepts and their applications in real-life situations. Lines, angles, and other geometrical ideas are taught to improve spatial understanding and perspective. Besides, the WA Year 7 Mathematics curriculum comprises finding measures of central tendency, finding unknown angles using basic rules of Geometry, and data collection and interpretation enhance logical thinking and reasoning.

WA Year 7 Mathematics Syllabus includes Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability are the core aspects of Mathematics that are used to achieve the skills mentioned above.
Number and Algebra:
·     Number, Place Value, Exponents
·     Real numbers and their operations
·     Fractions, Decimals, Percentages, Ratio, and Equivalence
·     Money and Financial relationships
·     Patterns and Algebra:
·     Linear and Non- linear relationships
·     Interpretation and Analysis of Graphs

Measurement and Geometry:
·     Using units of Measurement
·     Areas and Volumes of 2D and 3D polygons
·     Location and Translation
·     Geometric reasoning
·     Angle Sum Property
·     Parallel Lines and their angles
·     Pythagoras theorem and Trigonometry
Statistics and Probability:
·     Chance
·     Data representation and interpretation
·     Calculation of Mean, Median, and Mode for given data

Key features of the syllabus:
 By the end of Year 7 WA, students are able to solve numerical problems using real numbers, algebra, and linear equations. They can express one quantity as a fraction, decimal, or percentage and apply this knowledge to practical situations. Stem-and-leaf plots and dot-plots, in addition to studying data, probability, and chance increase decision-making abilities.


Why Edugraff

Edugraff’s online tutoring for WA Year 7 Mathematics is done with the aim of familiarising the students with all the important mathematical concepts which are built upon in the next few classes to help them prepare for their High School subjects and eventually for choosing their options in university. The Edugraff faculty facilitates the understanding and application of these concepts to ensure the smooth transition which is done using the basic mathematical skills, that are, knowledge, computation, application, and mental maths.

Join Edugraff’s online tutoring for WA Year 7 Mathematics to grasp all the concepts easily. Our expert Maths tutoring comprises engaging sessions to learn the WA Year 7 Mathematics topics in the best possible way.



1. How can we align the teaching done by Edugraff and the school curriculum?
This can be done by sharing the child’s term plan with the Edugraff teacher and creating a timeline for completion of the topics by the student/parent and teacher. The Edugraff faculty is flexible and competent to cater to this.


2. My child has good computational skills but seems uninterested in practicing Mathematics. How can I correct that?  

Edugraff teachers work on creating an interest for the subject along with concept clarity. They first build a connection with the student and then work towards the goals, set in confidence with the student and parent. Having a one-to-one interaction is a great advantage to building communication.


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