How do I become an online tutor in Australia?

How do I become an online tutor in Australia?

Are you someone who is keen enough and has a high amount of patience when dealing with and teaching them effectively? Then, an immense amount of opportunity awaits you in the tutoring sector in Australia. Tutors are the ones who provide students with academic support outside of a classroom or school environment, in the much more comfortable setting of their homes. Many students seek the assistance of tutors when they cannot meet the pace of a real classroom or when they want extra support to learn a particular subject. 

Online tutoring is a very lucrative career option and needs very little investment. Online tutors use video conferencing or other interactive platforms to teach students from a variety of academic disciplines. And for someone who has the ability to teach more than one subject, this is the most sought after and effective career choice. Australia does not demand any particular qualification to be an online tutor, but having a bachelor’s or master's degree in education is definitely going to help you stand out and be authentic. 

What is an online tutor?

Online tutors are people who have expertise in and understanding of various subjects and academic disciplines. They help students with specialised education needs gain a better and more in-depth understanding of the subject. Online tutors can come from varied backgrounds, like teachers, professors, or even individuals who have practical knowledge and proficiency in the subjects they are handling. They teach subjects like mathematics, science, English, geography, the arts, languages, etc. 

What are the on-the-job requirements that an online tutor is required to follow?

Online tutors are typically hired to provide students with extra assistance and a better understanding of concepts than what they learn in school. There are two different ways in which an online tutor works; either you can join a group class or you can go ahead with a one-to-one personalised class structure. The online tutor organises classes and provides the necessary support for the preparation of all necessary examinations based on the students' needs. They use niche criteria to teach students. Let us take a look at how they formulate the criteria for teaching online:

  • A proper schedule is prepared by them, and this schedule helps them accommodate students and ascertain how many hours are taken by each student on a weekly or monthly basis. The hours are decided according to the skill level and the goals of the student.
  • Most of the online tutors plan the lesson according to the pace with which each student grasps the concept. Some have the ability to quickly learn, while others need more time to understand the concepts. These lesson plans are much more beneficial than classroom lessons.
  • Online tutors give or offer feedback, which is one of the most unique perks of taking up online tutoring. These feedbacks assist students in correctly analysing and making necessary adjustments and changes before it is too late.
  • Meetings with parents or guardians are held to involve them in their child's learning process. It gives them a better understanding of how their child is doing and if there is anything else they can do to help the child.

What are the different qualifications required for an online tutor?

Australia does not put forth a structured requirement list when it comes to online tutors. Most of the tutors possess some or other education or subject degree, and some, even if they do not have the degrees, pursue the career out of their love and passion for teaching. But, let us see the requirements that will make your online tutoring career a much more fruitful one:

  • Education: Holding an educational degree is indeed a positive perk while pursuing online tutoring. Many university students use online tutoring as a side hustle to supplement their studies.Having an education degree, can bring you a better spotlight, increase your chances of being hired, and add an accomplishment to your resume.
  • Training has not been considered a necessary prerequisite for online tutoring. Online tutors believe that their subject matter expertise is the only necessity for taking up an online tutoring career. But, having formal education training will further amplify the chances of getting in more clients and the possibility of better teaching practices. 
  • Certifications that are subject specific or have the potential to improve your teaching capabilities can help you advance your career in the most beneficial way. Such certifications can give you a more unique standpoint than your peers and make you a more attractive candidate for your clients.


What are the basic skills to become an online tutor?

Patience and the passion to teach can be considered the most important traits that someone who wants to have a successful career in online tutoring needs to possess. Here are some of the other skill sets needed to become a tutor:

  • Excellent communication skills and a way with students are highly appreciated in etching out a good atmosphere while teaching. Using visual aids and interactive features will help students be more invested and interested in the process. 
  • Make sure you use methods that will help create a much more engaging and effective learning experience. This will help students figure out better concepts, and they will have better reasoning power.
  • Helping students to voice their opinions and learn concepts through open discussions makes them own their learning process.
  • A fun rapport with students will enhance their thinking skills and allow them to involve themselves in the learning process.
  • Computer proficiency and the propensity to handle different types of platforms are very important skills for an online tutor. 

How to become an online tutor?

Here are the pointers to be considered for becoming an online tutor:

  • If you want to start your online tutoring with a reputed and recognised company, they will expect you to have a specialised degree in a particular subject and other necessary certifications. If you want to work as an independent tutor, then you have a say in the kind of certifications and educational qualifications you obtain, but make sure you have enough expertise to teach others.
  • Make sure you have a specialty. Specialization in one or more subjects is necessary to broaden your clientele. This will help you be in much more control of the kind of subjects and students to take in. 
  • If you are someone who chooses to work independently, then you need to advertise your tutoring services vehemently and make sure that you and your services are visible to people. This can be done through posting ads in public spaces, newspapers, online job listings, etc. Make sure that you attach your pricing information or your services along with the ad. 

Following the outbreak of the pandemic in previous years, online tutoring has expanded its insane possibilities. If you are in the right zone to be an online tutor, make sure to stand out amongst the others who offer online tutoring. 

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