Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Year levels and subjects are covered for online tutoring by Edugraff?


Online Tutoring for High School students (Year levels: 6,7,8,9,10,11&12) 

Australian Curriculum for ATAR focusing on STEM subjects: Mathematics: Application /Methods/ Specialist, Physics, Chemistry, English, Computer Science, Commerce.

Australian Curriculum for all States up to Year 10: Mathematics, Science , English

International curriculum : IB, SAT, SAT1, AP, ACT, IGCSE.

Competitive exam support : GATE for Selective Schools Entry


2. Do you have only one on one tutoring? Do you offer group online tutoring?

Yes, we offer on one on tutoring focussing on the specific needs of each student. We can also provide group tutoring on certain topics, based on the demand. 


3. Do you offer online classes for the complete year?

We offer classes for short term and long term, whatever the student requires.


4. Do you offer face to face classes in a classroom?

Unfortunately, we do not offer face to face classes.


5.What are the qualifications of your tutors?

We employ tutors who are experienced in online tutoring and have a passion to teach including school teachers, professionals and undergraduates with a high ATAR score and a flare for teaching.

All tutors have an active Working with Children Card to teach.


6. How many classes are taken per week?

We are completely flexible to teach as many classes as a student needs, starting from one class per week.


7. Is there any refund if a student wishes to discontinue?

In the unlikely event that a student wishes to discontinue, we will refund the amount for any classes not taken. There are no refunds for classes that have been taken.


8. What about missed classes?

Tutors will not charge you for missed classes if you organise in advance with the tutor or a co-ordinator to reschedule. If a tutor cannot take a class due to an emergency, you will be informed with as much notice as possible to you in advance.


9. How does the process work?

a.  Edugraff will discuss your specific needs and organise a suitable tutor. You will be able to view the tutor’s details in the platform including a sample session. Based on your student’s needs, plan and budget, we will propose the most suitable path for you.

b.  Your student then attends a demo session with the tutor using the Student account in Edugraff platform. Please ensure the voice and microphone settings are working prior to the demo. You can click on "Try Whiteboard" within your registered account to check and request any technical assistance, if required. Use Chrome or Firefox browser and a headset.

c.  After a successful demo, parents will be provided a separate Edugraff account to access the past sessions, statements etc.

d.  You’ll make a payment based on the number of sessions planned for the first 4 weeks. You always need a credit of at least one session with us to continue with a session.

e.  You’re always welcome to contact us for support, change the frequency of classes or discuss any other concerns.


10. Where are your tutors based?


All Australian students are taught by tutors based in Australia. This ensures our tutors understand the curriculum and students’ needs.


11. Can my child swap to a different tutor?


If for any reason your child requires a new tutor, contact us anytime and we’ll organise it.


12.My child has a busy schedule of extra-curricular activities, is it hard to get the time slot we require?


We have tutors who are available after school, evenings and weekends. Let us know your preferred times and we’ll match you with a tutor whose availability suits your child.


13. Do I need to commit to a minimum number of sessions or months?


No, Edugraff is flexible so you can use our service as required. You’re able to skip a session or re-schedule to a new time if commitments change.

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