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English is a subject which can be a high-scoring subject and can bring up your score. But the subject is constantly overlooked and taken for granted. Proficiency in this language is quite important, when it comes to undergraduate and postgraduate studies, especially when you want to do it abroad. Australian Curriculum brings in various dimensions of the subjects which makes it an undeniable and worthy syllabus to learn. Online English tutoring has many benefits and helps the children to embrace the language better. English has become a very important pain point when it comes to clearing entrance or scholarship exams to secure a sure seat for further study programs. The grammatically perfect construction of sentences requires years of practice and vigour to learn this subject. The Australian Curriculum encourages the students to read, create and reflect on this sophisticated language from the initial years. Online tutoring imbibes the same thoughts and put forward exceptional online classes for English learners.

Online Tutoring for English 

English is always overlooked as a subject, but it has an innate ability to help students in gaining marks, and this subject is a part of many future entrance exams. Some students face problems while learning the language. Mostly they find it difficult with grammar, reading comprehension, poem or excerpt analysis etc. Online tutoring for English ensures that the students will be less bothered by such difficulties. Online English tutoring helps students understand the subject deeply and call for a peace truce. The parents promote the need for more English tutors for the sheer need of convenience. Online tutoring in English also makes students more confident to ask doubts they have been hesitant about. One to One learning process can help students gain a deeper understanding of the subject. Expert tutors will be able to decipher and acknowledge the specific pain points that the students face while preparing their study plans. Effective resources are put into use for making learning more fun with online English tutoring.

How does Edugraff English tutoring work?

Edugraff is quite adept when it comes to English tutoring. They have been in the business of making students understand and comprehend better on this subject. English can be tricky and make students ambiguous about how to proceed further in. Edugraff assures the students that all of their problematic areas will be addressed. The team of tutors at Edugraff are proficient in the language and the Australian Curriculum. Edugraff has devised a very unique system where English revives from its tag of being a boring subject. The subject is covered in a structured way without any deviation from the prescribed syllabus under the Australian Curriculum for respective years. The program offered by Edugraff focuses on building the confidence of the student and making him/her well prepared for the challenges upfront. Edugraff provides both one-to-one learning and group tutoring which has very limited students per batch. There are many expert tutors with Edugraff, if you will if someone is not working well for you, after careful consideration, Edugraff will assign you to another tutor.

Online English Tutoring that your child will love

Students of lower classes like primary sections are a difficult crowd to grab attention too. Edugraff’s study structure is defined in such a way that it inculcates various methods of teaching that can even make the smaller class turn their heads towards our classes and initiate their learning process. Bringing in the fun element without compromising the curriculum and syllabus will be fitting; and will contribute to the success of the learning process. Edugraff provides their students with an interactive session through video classes. The video tutorial is carried through with whiteboards and also timely quizzes which make the classes interactive and students will never get bored. To enhance the learning capability of each student, the tutors give them one-to-one support through the assessment schedules and homework. 

Highlights of Edugraff's English tutoring in Australia

Edugraff provides one of the best English tutoring programs in Australia. We have structured our study and learning criteria according to the Australian Curriculum. 
Let us take a look at the highlights:

The study program is made with the Australian English Curriculum as the foundation. But it is flexible enough to accommodate the individual needs and learning capacity of the students. 
Edugraff promises that their ways to approach and improve the learning capability of a student are unambiguous and designed to help the child.
All the sessions are live and face-to-face sessions. There is enough flexibility to reschedule the lessons, and if in group tutoring sessions, you can get access to recorded sessions as well.
Encouraging students to find the areas of difficulty and probing them to ask doubts so that they can feel confident.
Edugraff also helps students to take the initiatives to be accountable for their learning process.
Students are also pushed forward to read books and excerpts outside the textbook to help them have better vocabulary and learn how the language is portrayed in the real world. 
For higher classes, give them tips and tricks to go about with poem and essay analysis, which can help irrespective of the level of difficulty of questions.

How can our English Tutors Help?

Edugraff’s tutor selection is a very intensive process. Edugraff does not compromise on the quality of the teachers they hire for their platform. They are selected after a written test and an interview which portrays their academics and the ability required to teach students. This comprehensive process has established that Edugraff does not back down on the quality aspect of the learning platform. After the selection process, a very vibrant and structured training program is mandatory to be attended by all the selected candidates. The training program will mould the teachers to effectively cater to the learning program provided by Edugraff for their students. The friendly nature of our tutors will help students to feel at ease instantly. It will also give them the confidence to be more open-minded and welcoming to the suggestions put forward by the teachers from time to time. The teachers also promote the need for becoming self-accountable for their learning progress which makes them effective and with better concentration. 


1.How does online tutoring work?

Online tutoring is incorporated with both audio and visual elements. Edugraff takes the assistance of Google Meet, Skype etc. 

2. How is the revision process done?

The revision process has weekly quizzes and topic summary videos.

3. What are the materials provided?

Edugraff provides online workbooks and online notes. Edugraff also provides short summary videos.

4. Do you have flexible packages?

Yes, Edugraff provides flexible packages to accommodate the varied interests of students and parents alike.

5. Which all classes do you consider for your tutoring?

We take up classes from the primary level to the senior secondary level.

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