Online Tutoring Jobs in Australia



How to Become a Tutor

Are you passionate about teaching? Your interest in teaching and empathy for students can be nurtured by embracing best teaching practices and initiating engagement with students in need. Tutoring involves specific mentoring tasks and providing personal guidance to the student. Tutors may be individuals with teaching qualifications or other professionals who are subject matter experts with a wealth of knowledge. Graduates and undergraduate students with a flare for teaching have become successful online tutors


To be qualified as a tutor in Australia, you need to have a Working With Children card and a National Police Check to meet the state-level requirements. Prior tutoring experience or any such specialisation becomes an added advantage for tutor aspirants. Good communication skills, language skills, and whiteboard skills ( writing and presenting on the digital whiteboard) are a must to perform effective tutoring. Tutors enrolled in edugraff are independent contractors with a valid Australian Business Number( ABN).

Good tutors' roles and characteristics


  • To assess the student's needs and provide support in areas where they need the most help. 

  • Provide regular live sessions, assignments, homework and assessment 

  • Follow individualised study plans for one-to-one lessons, aligned to the school curriculum. 

  • Clarify concepts and help them to think, reflect, and appreciate the practice of learning. 

  • Encourage the student to try alternate approaches where possible 

  • To enable students to hone their skills by practising and performing well on their assessments.

  • To apply methods that will help students communicate and provide feedback, thereby helping them build their confidence.

  • To be constantly aware of and track the progress of students and convey status to parents as needed. 

  • Encourage questions and guide students to eventually learn to find answers by playing the roles of facilitation and empowerment 

  • Help students with well-researched and helpful educational content and mock test papers similar to those of the given exams. 

  • Help the students develop exam strategies and study schedules 


Skills Needed To Be A Tutor

A tutor will be excellent in their career when they try to imbibe different qualities and help with the overall growth of the child they are teaching. It is necessary for a person who plans to develop their career in tutoring to have these qualities:


  • A deep understanding of the requirements demanded by the Australian Curriculum.

  • A genuine concern and interest in taking classes and understanding the student’s individual needs.

  • Good command of the subject you have specialised in.

  • A suitable previous experience in tutoring. 

  • It encourages interaction.

  • The ability to cater to students' needs at different educational levels from kindergarten to Year 12. 

  • It helps students connect their academic learning with real-life examples. 

  • Good communication skills in English will help the students ask questions and understand them easily.

  • Has the ability to devise different teaching strategies according to the unique needs of the students.

  • Good organisational skills can help students prepare an effective study schedule.

  • To create a good rapport with the parents to communicate the progress and help them understand the weak points of the students without overwhelming them.

  • Patience to deal with difficult students.

  • Empathy and concern for the overall growth of the students. 

  • Ability to create own lesson plans and curriculum-induced structures to help the students in better understanding and learning prospects.

  • The capability to handle individual sessions and group sessions.


Eligibility To Become A Tutor In Australia

  • A high ATAR score.

  • Tutoring comes in the unorganised occupation sector and thereby will not mandatorily require teaching qualifications but will be an added advantage to having a Bachelor of Educational Studies.

  • A valid working with children card to teach students below the age of 18 years. 


Why should you work with us?

Edugraff provides interested teachers or tutors with a very extensive platform to hone their skills and abilities. We help you with a range of options to work with us on a variety of tutoring assignments. This includes one-to-one tutoring and group tutoring for the Australian curriculum. Tutors are also able to receive ongoing referral income. We also give you the opportunity and flexibility to schedule the teaching sessions. Edugraff also provides their tutors with much-needed training and support with the platform and with the curriculum and provides necessary help at times of unprecedented situations. We also assure you that you get rewarded for your time and effort and we don’t take away a large part of your earnings for our benefit. Edugraff is free to approach as we do not take any registration charges for enrolling in our portal and we also do not come up with any hidden fees or charges. 



How to apply 

Register as a teacher and kick start the process to start online tutoring jobs from home.

Relevant qualifications and Prior experience in online tutoring are essential. Please email your latest resume to Edugraff, highlighting your strength in tutoring. The below points can be used as a reference. 


1. State briefly how you explain difficult topics effectively to students.

2. How much time do you utilise to summarise a topic?

3. What are the techniques used to keep the class busy and engaged throughout the session?

4. How do you encourage the students to think further after the session?

5. How do you manage to help with Schoolwork?

6. How do you assess students?

7. What techniques are used to encourage the students to ask more questions?


Here is a Guide to complete the registration as an online teacher.



Technical requirements ( A good internet connection is essential)



Guidelines For online tutor: Best practices

A guide for teachers to start off as online tutors in Australia and for existing online tutors to follow best practices to find the best online tutoring jobs in Australia, please refer to the Guide to Online tutoring : Australia 

    1. Free Registration.
    2. Flexibility: Timing of sessions is solely based on your availability and that of students.
    3. Rewarding: Part time online tutoring to monetise your time effectively. Hourly rates are negotiated based on your credentials.
    4. Work from anywhere operating own business.
    5. Web application to support you with interactive Whiteboard and recordings
    6. You get a detailed financial report of your earnings.
    7. opportunity for self-improvement based on feedback and review.
    8. Minimum investment: Best online tutoring opportunity in Australia with minor extra investment on a computer, internet & a digital pen.
    1. A broadband connection with a minimum of 256kbps of both upload and download bandwidth, but for optimal performance we recommend 1024kbps download speed and 512kbps upload speed.
    2. 1Ghz CPU (but 2Ghz with dual-core CPU recommended for optimal performance when using desktop sharing), with 512MB RAM.
    3. Digital pen tablet. Graphics tablets such as Wacom and Huion are supported
    4. Headset
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