Online NAPLAN Practice


The National Assessment Program for Literacy and Numeracy is conducted annually for students in Years 3, Year 5, Year 7, and Year 9. It is conducted over a long testing window in May.

The test is conducted to determine the academic standing of students concerning the basic understanding of literacy and numeracy skills. These skills become their foundation when they prepare themselves for critical learning in their higher years. This is the only nationwide assessment Australian students have to undertake. Both governmental and non-governmental authorities have contributed to the formulation of NAPLAN assessment planning. 


The reason for initiating the NAPLAN assessment is to help educational institutions and other such authorities see whether young Australians are able to decipher and understand the importance of literacy and numeracy goals. It is also an analytical tool for determining the quality of the educational programmes and how they can initiate improvement in their areas of study. It enables teachers to monitor students' progress on the benchmarks provided by national standards and identify the strengths and weaknesses of students. Parents are also able to evaluate their child’s progress. NAPLAN encompasses the overall progress and growth of the students with respect to their basic numeracy and literacy skills.


Online Tutoring for NAPLAN

NAPLAN is an assessment tool where the student’s academic standing is evaluated with regard to their understanding of numeracy and literacy skills. The skills that are assessed or tested in NAPLAN revolve around reading, writing, grammar, spelling, and numeracy skills. The test has been designed to move along with the Australian curriculum. Online tutoring can help improve the basic skills of students required at different levels. Online tutoring can be made available in group and individual sessions. Individual sessions can provide students with personal attention and the viability to clear their doubts without any hesitation. NAPLAN tests the foundational skills of the students, so it requires a steady and continuous learning process. 


Highlights of Edugraff's Naplan tutoring in Australia

Edugraff is one of the leading online tutoring services in Australia. They imbibe every word of the Australian curriculum and are one of the best services to choose for your online NAPLAN tutoring. The highlights of the online tutoring in Australia for NAPLAN by Edugraff are as follows:


•     Edugraff provides students with individual and group tutoring. Individual tutoring helps students who need very specific personal attention for their learning process. Such students are usually intimidated by other students and find hesitation in clearing their doubts. Edugraff takes special care of these students and gives them undivided attention while helping them learn their basics with ease. Group tutoring also has personal attention as each batch is divided into smaller groups. It will initiate cooperative and iterative learning processes for students.
  •     As NAPLAN is a very niche test process and is recommended only for the Australian curriculum, Edugraff is indeed the best option as they follow through with curriculum requirements for each year very extensively. It will help students cover all relevant topics with our tutors and score a good score for the NAPLAN.
•     Edugraff's learning system caters to the process of NAPLAN and devises practice questions that will help students score better on the tests. Edugraff assists in creating the same exam environment by maintaining mock tests that replicate the same mode of questions and methods such as MCQs and the drag and drop system.
•     The teaching encompasses students' learning through reading, writing, grammar, and other comprehension skills. Numeracy skills are also tested by drawing on concepts from the Mathematics area of the Australian curriculum.


How Can Our Naplan Tutors Help?

Edugraff hires its online tutors for NAPLAN after an intensive hiring process. They are judged and evaluated on the basis of their subject expertise and their capability to comprehend the same for students. Once selected, the tutors are trained to understand how the NAPLAN works and are given an in-depth understanding of the various areas where the students are tested in each level or year. The tutors are good communicators, which helps students to establish a good rapport from the very initial phase. It will also help them to feel at ease and encourage them to have intensive brainstorming sessions with the tutor. Parents are induced to become effectively involved in the learning processes of their children and understand the academic standing of their wards. The NAPLAN test is an assessment tool used to determine whether a student is progressing effectively throughout their academic years.Our tutors understand this need specifically and train students with a good understanding of their basic learning pertaining to each year.




1. Who administers the NAPLAN test process?
The NAPLAN tests are conducted in schools and administered by teachers or other relevant authorities of the school.     


2. Does Edugraff provide mock and practice tests?
Once they are through the learning process, constant mock tests are delivered to understand where the students lack in concepts and help them accordingly.     


3. Who marks the tests?
The test is marked by trained evaluators of the Australian curriculum. 


4. How does Edugraff’s online tutoring work?
The online tutoring by Edugraff is done via subscribed sessions within the platform. 


5. What if the student misses a scheduled session?
The student or parent can reschedule the session before the stipulated time for the class for another day. 

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