Overview of OLNA


The OLNA, or Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment, is an online test that comprises multiple-choice questions to assess the minimum standards of students required for advanced education in English and Numeracy. This assessment was implemented for students in Western Australia who have failed to obtain a band 8 marking in the NAPLAN tests in year 9. The online literacy and numeracy assessments are conducted every March and September, and students can take the assessments twice a year in classes 10, 11, and 12 until they achieve the benchmark requirement.


OLNA test results are important to receive the WACE certificate. The students who do not pass the OLNA will only receive the WA Statement of Student Achievement (WASSA).

The only way to evade these tests is to give more prominence to the NAPLAN test and score at least a band 8 score in Year 9. These tests can ensure that the students have a proper understanding and foundation of reading, writing, and numeracy skills to pursue higher education.


Online Tutoring for OLNA


OLNA is conducted to ensure that the students are equipped to demonstrate the skill sets that are required for meeting the demands of daily life. Online OLNA tutoring allows students to devote more time to OLNA preparation. Online tutoring services have devised study plans to assist students in comprehending and understanding the various requirements posed by the test.As the score of this test has a direct implication on the school leaving certificate, online tutoring for OLNA is a must to bring out better results. Online tutoring in Australia can be scheduled as per the preference of the student and has the capability to accommodate better scalability when compared with traditional modes of learning. Online tutors put in the extra effort to understand and analyse the students and implement the study plan and strategies accordingly. These practises put forward by online tutoring for OLNA ensure better results and pass percentages for the students who take it up.


How does Edugraff OLNA tutoring work?


Edugraff is one of the leading online tutoring services which deals exclusively with the Australian Curriculum. Edugraff strives hard to put forward the most effective strategies that help students achieve great scores in OLNA. The online tutoring of OLNA by Edugraff analyses the different capabilities of students and structures the study plan accordingly. OLNA has a crucial role in obtaining the school leaving certificate, which is extremely important. Edugraff’s tutors are well-versed in the conduct of classes and give the students extra attention in areas where they are unable to score marks. Edugraff's online tutoring cultivates regular practise tests and mock tests, which helps students avoid stress and strain. A better grasp of the subject comes from revising it regularly. Edugraff online tutoring ensures that students make frequent revisions and thereby inculcate a clear understanding of the subject.


Online OLNA Tutoring that your child will love


It is very important that the student enjoys and loves the online tutoring services. If they do not enjoy the classes, then it can directly affect their scope of learning and understanding. Online tutoring for OLNA puts forward different approaches to enhance and accommodate the learning capacities of the students. Interactive sessions are conducted where the students can easily voice their doubts and those doubts are cleared immediately with valid explanations from the online tutors of Edugraff. Edugraff also defines quizzes and Q & A sessions as being initiated to bring in a different plan of action to help students let go of the mundane form of learning. Such active strategies can gain the attention of the students and help them get excited about the classes scheduled for each day. As the tutors of Edugraff have a good communication rapport with the students, the usual inhibitions or hiccups in voicing out doubts can be avoided. Edugraff gives students the opportunity to work out lesson plans at their own pace, which helps them feel relaxed and not rushed into a hectic schedule. As OLNA focuses on the foundation of literacy and numeracy skills, the slow pace of online tutoring will give an adept foundation.


Highlights of Edugraff's OLNA tutoring in Australia


Edugraff has an advantage when it comes to the complexities of the Australian Curriculum.It is the best online tutoring service your kid can enrol in. Below are the points which state the highlights of Edugraff’s OLNA tutoring:


  • As the OLNA test is very important to the final year students, Edugraff has structured two kinds of online tutoring processes; synchronous and asynchronous forms of teaching. A synchronous form of teaching means the students are subjected to real-time tutoring classes. The teachers usually connect to the students over a web-based platform, which provides a platform for interacting with the students in real-time. The asynchronous form of teaching is the strategy that is carried out through connecting students over email, WhatsApp, or other communication channels Edugraff sends them the assignments, and the pupils need to submit them under the aforementioned deadlines. These students can also connect with the tutors in times of clarification of doubts and need an extra hand during exam preparations.


  • Edugraff gives exclusive study materials pertaining to the OLNA test course and makes sure that it is upgraded with more questions each year to adapt to the changes in the Australian Curriculum.


  • Edugraff’s online learning platform gives students practice tests and mock tests which help them prepare for the OLNA test effectively.

  • OLNA test teaching strategies involve equipping students to have a good command of reading, writing and numeracy skills which will help them score good scores in OLNA.


How Our OLNA Tutors Can Help?


All the tutors of Edugraff who have been assigned for the OLNA tutoring are experts in handling the subjects that are assessed under the OLNA test. We hire our tutors after an intensive testing process and then give them in-house training that complies with the efficiency levels required to teach for the OLNA test. Edugraff’s online tutors are highly interactive with students and help the students with the needed flexibility to clear their doubts and queries. It also gives rise to effective brainstorming sessions, which help them move in-depth in their course study and get a better understanding of the concepts.




The student has six opportunities to pass the OLNA test.

Once they are through the learning process, constant mock tests are administered to understand where the students lack in concepts and help them accordingly.

The online tutoring by Edugarff is done through flexible sessions on Skype, Google Meet, or other reliable sources.

Yes, Edugraff provides flexible packages to accommodate the varied interests of students and parents alike.

The revision process has weekly quizzes and topic summary videos.

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