WA Year 4 Mathematics

WA Year 4 Mathematics

  • Curriculum :  WA
  • Grade :  Year 4
  • Subject :  Mathematics
  • Type :  One To One
  • Summary :  Year 4 of the Western Australian curriculum works on basic numeracy skills with a detailing on the four operations and their basic applications in real-life situations. The primary aim is to relate concepts to their practical use.

Course Description :

Year 4 Mathematics introduces students to properties of numbers like even and odd numbers, grouping and organising numbers up to tens of thousands, multiplication, and division facts.  Students also study fractions and their relationship to decimals. Simple word problems based on money, time, and measurement are used to create a foundation for building on them in the higher classes. Our online course for WA Year 4 Mathematics gives a basic understanding of maps, angles, the chance of events occurring or not, data from tables, simple graphs, and pictographs to students.



Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability are the core aspects of Online Maths Tutoring for WA Year 4 Mathematics used to achieve the skills mentioned below.
Number and Algebra:
·     Even and Odd Numbers
·     Numbers up to One Hundred Thousand
·     Operations on Large Numbers
·     Application of Operations on Practical Problems
·     Fractions (Counting by halves, thirds, quarters) and Decimals
·     Concept of Division without a Remainder
·     Simple purchasing up to the nearest five cents
·     Find Unknown Quantities in Number Sentences
Measurement and Geometry:
·     Introduction to units of Measurement
·     Compare objects using familiar metric units of Area and Volume
·     Units of Time
·     Am-Pm notation
·     Regular and Irregular Shapes
·     Combining and Splitting common 2-D Shapes
·     Compare and Classify Angles based on their Magnitude

Statistics and Probability:
·     Chance
·     Collection of Data
·    Data displays, Picture Graphs and  Column Graphs 


Key features of the syllabus: 

In WA Year 4 Mathematics course, students are able to use the properties of numbers to multiply, like multiplying with 10, 100, 1000 and such. They can also choose appropriate routes for carrying out multiplication and division. They can connect the fractional and decimal numbers to money, measurement, and time. Pictographs introduce a sense of scale and ratio in the simplest form. 


Why Edugraff

Edugraff, the best online tutoring in Australia offers a unique, highly adaptive, and flexible platform that caters to the individual needs of each and every student. We provide online Maths tutoring for WA Year 4 students to help them catch the concepts easily. Edugraff teachers are competent to understand the delicate minds of the primary students and thus are well equipped to connect with them. They make the classes interesting using various activities based on the concepts to engage the students and make learning fun.

Join Edugraff’s online math tutoring for WA Year 4 to understand concepts or ideas quickly. Our expert tutors know exactly how to boost your child's academic performance through clear explanations, patience, and encouragement.



1. My child is easily distracted and the biggest challenge is to get him to sit down and complete his work. How can Edugraff help me with that?
The Edugraff teachers who teach primary classes are familiar with the attention span of younger students and use an activity-based approach to teach concepts. They use both the inductive as well as deductive methods to introduce topics. This is extremely beneficial, especially for this age group of children.    


2. Is this an appropriate age to start extra classes? 

A parent is the best judge of a child’s needs and requirements. However, if there are any apprehensions, there are trained consultants at Edugraff who would give you options so that the decision-making becomes easier.


3. How Edugraff teachers can improve students' academic achievement?
Believing in pupils and providing assistance throughout the year can help them attain higher levels of success. It is simpler to keep students motivated when they receive honest feedback and assistance in improving their weak areas.

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