Key Benefits of Personalized Tutoring - One to One Tutoring

Key Benefits of Personalized Tutoring - One to One Tutoring

Personalized tutoring has been gaining momentum in the recent past, with parents understanding the advantages offered by it. Unlike a common classroom, wherein many students will be taught simultaneously, personalized tutoring offers a great learning experience. It will be easy to imbibe the concepts, with the teacher delivering custom-tailored classes according to the student’s capabilities. Knowing the key benefits of personalized tutoring will make you ascertain why one should opt for the same. 

1. Customized Coaching

As we stated in the introductory paragraph, the main feature that puts personalized tutoring at the top spot is customized teaching. The level of understanding of each student differs. Some may be good at Maths and weak in Science, or vice versa. Some may find it difficult to understand English grammar. For some others, Social Science may be a tough subject. The teacher must evaluate each student and formulate an exclusive methodology for teaching the basic concepts. To deliver him or her with a strong foundation in each subject. It may not be possible while the student is one among the many in a classroom. Personalized tutoring or one-to-one teaching is the solution to this problem.

2. Valuation of the Student

The teacher will be closely monitoring the student. Therefore, the improvements, lags, and issues would be evident to him/ her. Aiding the teacher to reorganize the pedagogical methodology to suit the student’s needs. It will help the student to learn the core concept of the topics or subjects in which s/he is weak. Above all, the frequent tests and subsequent feedback will offer great benefits.

3. In-depth Teaching

There would be aspects related to the topics, which must be taught for the student to have a better understanding of the concept. The in-depth explanation and detailed teaching are essential for the student to get a grip of the whole topic. Consequently, the topics will remain etched in the student’s heart. To answer any question about the portions and make practical use of knowledge acquired in researches, studies, and entrance exams. 

4. Enhances Confidence

As we have discussed in the above points, some of the topics may be difficult for some of the students. While the student is one among the lot, he or she will lose the chance to ask questions. It will lead to a feeling of left out, affecting confidence. The diminished self-esteem and confidence in turn will reflect in performance. 

5. Promotes Inquisitive Attitude

Inquisitiveness is the root for inventions, achievements, and growth. All those achievers around were inquisitive children. A personal tutor will be ready to answer countless questions from the student. This will boost the inquisitive attitude of them and will aid in the better development of the brain. Undoubtedly, s/he will be one of the toppers not only in the class but also in life. 

6. Systematic Coaching Process

The personalized tutors will follow a systematic process, keeping the important milestones in mind. The periodic analysis, public exams, and competitive tests will be considered whilst finalizing the tutoring process. Therefore, the student will be ready for every test in advance. 

The Tail End

The personalized tutor will generate a connection with the student. By understanding the perceptions and viewpoints of the student, the teacher can organize the coaching in an entertaining, therefore, engaging manner. It will lead to a healthy student-tutor relationship and result-oriented tutoring.

The following points are important while choosing the personal tutor for your child.


  • Experience of the teacher matters a lot
  • The teacher must have enough qualifications to extend the best coaching to your child
  • The teaching methodology followed by the tutor should aim at nurturing the child’s inquisitiveness, nourish the knowledge, and enhance learning capabilities
  • Coaching centres with handpicked tutors, having expertise in the subjects must be chosen
  • Discuss in detail concerning your requirements, the child’s weak areas (as you have observed), and other relevant aspects


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