Things You Should Know About NAPLAN Assessment

Things You Should Know About NAPLAN Assessment

NAPLAN or the National Assessment Program Literacy and Number is an annual assessment test for students in 3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th grades. Even though it is an easier brook to cross, it creates unnecessary anxieties in the mind of both parents and students. Students belonging to these grades are expected to undergo reading, writing, and language skills and numeracy tests. NAPLAN is carried out with the equal coordination of both government and non-government authorities. Both sectors work proactively to increase the standard of NAPLAN tests and make them helpful for students. If you are a parent or a student breaking their mind over NAPLAN assessment, here are a few fundamental things you should know about.


What is the Relevance of the NAPLAN Assessment?

NAPLAN was started back in 2008 as a way to increase the quality of education. The primary motive behind the assessment test is to evaluate the skills and knowledge of students in numeracy and language. This helps the students work more efficiently towards their goals and achieve good academic results. It will provide key insights regarding a student’s limitations and drawbacks. Both teachers and parents would be able to plan the studies and strategies accordingly which can help in the uplifting of the students’ academic performance. The different learning styles of the students can be studied accordingly and necessary steps can be taken.


Why is NAPLAN Important?

NAPLAN assessment is extremely important if you want your students and kids to be successful in their academic life. The assessment is not about passing or failing but rather about evaluating the skills and knowledge of the students and helping them to identify the right strategies for their way ahead. If one student is underperforming in let’s say numeracy, then the teacher can understand which part he/she is struggling with and what strategies can be adopted to overcome the situation. The teacher and parent can coordinate and make it easier and less overwhelming for the students.


It is also a chance for the teacher to evaluate their teaching methods and pedagogy and make necessary adjustments and changes. Innovations and changes are necessary. The NAPLAN test is an eye-opener in many regards. Effective and cumulative changes can be brought into the teaching methods and pedagogy can be revised accordingly with every year. What worked two years ago might not work today. And also the learning style of every student would be different. A generic approach will never do good. All these can be reformed and understood with the help of the NAPLAN assessment.

The assessment also helps in understanding students who are high performers. More support and help can be extended to them so that they continue on the path of success. In the same way, under-performers can also be guided effectively. Teachers can evaluate their learning and tell them tips and techniques to improve their scores. It will help them tremendously on their way ahead. They will be more proficient in the subjects and will be able to score well.

Based on the NAPLAN data, governments disperse funds to schools. There would be schools that lack basic resources which are affecting the learning process of the students. In such cases, funds can be transferred and the resources can be made available to children. This will help students ace in their academic performance and be par with students of other well-advanced schools. In this technological era, features such as projectors and e-learning facilities are a must in every school. It helps in easy visualization and students understand the concepts really well. Schools that cannot afford the cost of it can request the government to fund the same showcasing their NAPLAN scores.


The Structure of NAPLAN Assessment

The test happens in three modules or three stages. They are as follows.

Reading and writing
Language conventions

How to Prepare Well for NAPLAN Assessment

Train the students well
Train your students by making them read passages from different works. Let it be prose, poem or drama make them read and answer the multiple-choice questions you have prepared. Keep a time schedule and make them complete it within the given time. Make them familiar with different types of texts and ask them to interpret them for you. Doing this on a regular basis will make them complete it quickly and more efficiently.

Make them write
Every day ask them to write an excerpt and evaluate the word building and sentence structuring. Make them write on different subjects. Check the grammar and correct them on the go. Make them aware of the high-scoring requirements and give constructive feedback.

Make them friends with Maths
For many, numeracy is a nightmare. Help them overcome this. Give them simpler problems to start with and gradually introduce them to complex concepts such as algebra and trigonometry. Get them interested in the subject and understand their pain points and help them beat it.


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