How to memorize math and physics formulas quickly?

How to memorize math and physics formulas quickly?

Memorizing math and physics formulas is difficult for most people. These two subjects can be challenging to learn. They require a lot of mental labor, often long and complicated. Not understanding how something works can result in you spending a lot of time correcting your errors or looking up the formula online. But with the proper techniques, memorizing math and physics formulas can be made much more accessible. Here are some tips that will help you learn how to memorize math and physics formulas quickly:


1) Avoid Rote Learning: 
If you struggle with memorization, it is probably because you are trying to memorize the formulae by rote. This means that you are attempting to memorize the formulas without understanding them. With rote learning, you won’t learn the meaning behind the formula. Do not memorize a bunch of formulas without first knowing what they mean. This method will not survive for long because you will forget them eventually.


2) Understand The Formula:
It is also important to remember that you should be looking for an application in real-world situations every time you learn a new formula. When you understand the formula, you should not just memorize it and forget. This means that you should be able to identify the function or equation being studied and give a general explanation. This is perhaps the most critical step in learning any math or physics formula. Without an understanding of the formula, you will not be able to retain it.


3) Practice the formulas:
The idea behind practicing a formula is that you work on it until it becomes easier to understand. This means that you should actually try to use the formula in various situations, both verbal and non-verbal until you are able to use it correctly in any context. Your brain understands and remembers the application of the formulas you wish to learn when you practice them.


4) Use Memory Techniques To Memorise:
One of the best ways to learn new formulas quickly is to memorize them as you go along. One of the easiest ways to do this is by using “Mnemonics.” Mnemonics are memory techniques that have been used for centuries to help people learn. They are not only helpful in remembering facts and formulas but also for improving speed and accuracy when performing tasks. If you want to remember a long list of things, bring one item at a time to mind and use the mnemonics to connect the items together.


5) Stick flashcards on your walls:
Another great way to remember new formulas and keep your memory re-energized is to stick flashcards on your walls. You can use them both to review your new formulas and target specific areas of weakness. There are many different types of flashcards that you can use. You could use pictures, words, or numbers, that represent various aspects of a formula. 


6) Get Rid Of Any Distractions:
One of the best ways to learn new formulas quickly is to focus only on what you want to learn. There are numerous elements that really can cause you to lose your focus when learning. Distractions such as social media, TV, and other electronic devices are distractions and can slow down your learning process. Your brain needs to focus on one thing at a time in order to learn effectively. As a result, all distractions should be eliminated. Creating a timetable for studying can assist you in achieving a successful outcome.


7) Revise Before You Sleep:
When you learn or revise a math or physics formula right before you sleep, you are more likely to remember it. It is due to the fact that sleep aids in the consolidation of memories produced across the day. It also aids in the connection of fresh memories to previous ones. Ponder upon the formula you wish to memorize before going to bed. Your brain has a higher probability of retaining it.


8) Play board games:
One of the best ways to learn these formulas quickly is to play games based on them. You can either choose board games or apps on your mobile. These apps and board games can also help you memorize mathematics and physics formulae in the long term.


These are just a few ideas that you can try to help you learn new math and physics formulas faster. The key here is to remember that these are active processes that require mental effort. It would be best if you did not give up on these subjects because you find them difficult to learn. There are many ways to practice these formulas, and there are many games and activities that you can use to help you understand them.

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