Why Study Physics? Importance Of Physics In Daily Life!

Why Study Physics? Importance Of Physics In Daily Life!

Physics is derived from the word "physis", which means nature. It is the simplest means to describe what this subject accounts for. Physics is the science of everything that encompasses us. Physics speaks about the activities that humans come across every day and help pacify curiosity daily. 

Why Physics?

Physics is the science that studies the structures of matter and its interaction with components of the universe. Physics is one of the oldest forms of science that correlates with every other form of science. The knowledge of physics ranges from the mechanism of a can opener to DNAs and black holes. It helps us to analyse the fundamentals of the universe and evokes us to see the connection between two concepts which are entirely different. 

Physics is not just the conceptual understanding of subjective elements but physics helps in the development of quantitative and analytical skills. These skills not just help in technical fields; but also in management, law and even governance policy. Physics helps in the comprehension of technological advancements and the creation of modern tools. There are different branches of physics which helps us understand the varied dynamics of universal concepts. They are classical physics, atomic physics, modern physics, nuclear physics, geophysics, astrophysics and many more. Each of these branches gives us a window to different levels of understanding and innate possibilities. 
Physics coexists with mathematics. Important physics concepts can be easily converted into mathematical equations. These formulae can help humans conjure the essence of the subject hassle-free. 

Physics in Daily Life

Physics is that subject that speaks of our daily life needs and confronts us to find answers through observation and experimentation. The discoveries and other enhancements for human life are found in physics through constant observation and research on the same. 

Let's take a look at the different fields which has advanced with the involvement of physics:

Space and Aviation

Physics lets us into the wondrous world of above and beyond. Without this field of science, it is quite impossible to learn and understand the factors of the universe. To comprehend the idea of stars, planets, and the existence of other lives is all possible because of the various derived concepts in physics. 
Aviation is another industry that survives on the concepts of physics. Every person in the industry needs to have very in-depth knowledge of the different concepts of physics to move their work. 


The energy was bifurcated into distinct forms for human consumption by involving physics and its concepts. Electricity, solar energy, and wind energy conversion were possible only with the interference of the concepts of physics. 


There are many types of medical equipment that use the systems and principles of physics. It helps in the development of technological advancements in the field of medicine. Imaging devices use the ideologies of physics which help in the screening of the body to produce effective images which help in the prevention and cure of diseases. The radiation process which is used to destroy the cancerous cells follows the conceptual analysis of physics.


Communication is possible through satellites, and satellites function through the concepts of astrophysics. Each satellite has definite uses while in the orbit of the earth. One might have the task to collect data related to weather; another one might be for military purposes, and yet another is for broadcasting and communications.

It is easier to analyse the concepts of physics in our everyday needs. Let's have a sneak peek at various objects that come our way daily:

Alarm Clock

The nagging and shrill sound of an alarm wakes you up in the morning. Physics helps in the studies of sound and its means of propagation, which is ultimately used in the alarm clock technique. 


Walking on a well-constructed road with shoes with a balance is because of the grip due to resistance of the shoe sole with that of the road. A change in the surface of the road might bring a sudden change in balance which causes us to fall. Even something as simple as walking can relate to the concept of physics called "friction".

Ballpoint Pen

The concept of gravitational force is used in the functioning of a ballpoint pen. The ball inside the pen turns as you move it across the paper and gravity makes the flow of ink possible.

Car Seat Belts

The seat belt functioning in a car also follows the principle of physics. The concept of inertia is used to protect us from a car collision or accident. Inertia is the unwillingness of the body to change from a position of rest. 

Cell Phones 

The concept of mobile phones or smartphones works with the ideology of physics. A mobile phone works on the principles of electricity and electromagnetic spectrum which is the intertwining of electricity and magnetism.

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