The Top Challenges That School Students Face in Learning Chemistry

The Top Challenges That School Students Face in Learning Chemistry

Chemistry is a very interesting subject, but along with it come many challenges and hurdles for students to learn the subject

Understanding the subject can be a long shot, but getting in-depth with your obstacles is the first way to let go of the fear of the subject. The blog is particularly curated for the students to acknowledge and analyse the challenges and take action to overcome them for a gainful understanding of chemistry.

Some of the top challenges faced by chemistry students are:

Long lectures

Delivering lectures is one of the most common educational methods that is used to impart knowledge on a particular subject. Most of the time, the chances of concepts going over the students' heads are the result of long and boring lectures. Lectures fail to excite and initiate interest in the minds of students and will not keep them engaged for a longer period of time. The notes that are taken during the lecture are also monotonous without understanding the conceptual meaning. 

Chemistry is a discipline that is heavily reliant on terminologies, and it's quite difficult to impart the subject in normal language. As the lectures will involve lots of technical and subject-related jargon, it will not be easier for the students to comprehend the same through mere lectures. It is therefore not an ideal way to conduct classes for chemistry, and not understanding the meaning is the first obstacle faced by the students.

The language of Chemistry

As discussed above, the language of chemistry is an overwhelming factor in the subject. The subject becomes easier to understand and comprehend if the students try to learn the essence of the subject. The reasons why the chemistry language is difficult are wide.

·     Chemistry presents a language that has completely new vocabulary for the students, which deters them from understanding even the basic concepts.

·     Common words that are commonly used in daily life have completely different meanings when it comes to chemistry-related understanding.

·     It is extremely formulaic and employs a variety of logical connectives that are only appropriate in very specific situations.

·     The words that are pronounced are hard to understand and face even more problems when they are written down. It will take more time to get used to the spelling and write down the chemical names and compositions easily.

·     Chemistry also heavily relies on symbols.

·     Chemistry also forms an additional component, so one would require expertise in that subject as well.


Chemistry can be a subject of misconceptions

Chemistry is a subject that deals with daily occurrences. Therefore, the chances of misinterpreting things are high. Students tend to easily misconceive concepts with the layman's idea. These misconceptions mainly arise from the heavy influence of our own ideas and incorrect interpretations of data found in books and other written materials. Such information creates a deep imprint on the minds of students, which is quite hard to get rid of. It is extremely necessary to inculcate the habit of questioning self-evident concepts while studying chemistry. It will help to enhance and expand the area of knowledge. Online chemistry tutoring can be used to avoid such misconceptions.

More Focus

It is usually understood that a person's focus greatly revolves around 45–60 minutes. After this, it will lead to distractions and a change of focus and productivity as well. If the student cannot concentrate more than once a week, then it might cause serious trouble while studying chemistry. Chemistry as a discipline requires long and uninterrupted study hours from its students. One might need to have several hours to sit and learn the subject. If the student can't concentrate, then it will definitely cause some problems. Online chemistry tutoring gives students tips and tactics for enhancing their focus.

An investment of time and energy

At first, chemistry might look like an easy subject to start with. The first few chapters are easy to cope with, and the book changes its course further into the subject. Before moving on, it is best to lay a solid foundation in the subject.Students are required to learn regularly, take notes, and ask their questions to the tutor at every juncture of confusion. Therefore, it requires intense preparation to learn the subject in its entirety. It requires constant effort and can suck out the energy and time of the student.

Overwhelming subject

The number of students that choose their main subject has been on the decline because of how tiring it is to understand. The subject is vast and unending. As many of the topics overlap with each other, it will not be possible to skip topics, as chemistry can only be studied as a whole package. This will require the student to learn the subject as a whole.

Numerical Skills

The influence of math is very high when it comes to chemistry as a subject. A student will need to have a deep knowledge of geometry and algebra. Chemistry at a higher level also needs the students to have a good grasp of calculus. A bitter knowledge of math will hold you back from learning the subject. Online chemistry tutoring in Australia will help students get a better grasp of both chemistry and math.

Chemistry is hard to understand

Learning concepts in chemistry is complicated due to its layout. The hardness of the subject can be slowly relieved by trying and learning more about the subject and enriching oneself with conceptual knowledge. Getting opportunities to do combined study sessions with peers who are comparatively good at the subject will help you understand the subject much better and more effectively than tutoring sessions. Getting a personal tutor will also help with the subject. Personal tutors can also show you tricks and tactics that will make the subject much easier to comprehend. Learning apps with different and interactive modes of learning will help in understanding the subject in-depth. Online chemistry tutoring in Australia can help with learning the subject productively.

Online chemistry tutoring in Australia is a really good opportunity to acquire knowledge about the subject. Get the best for your productive learning of chemistry.

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