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Sree Pinapati

I classify myself as a friendly, passionate, engaging and humorous tutor who cares deeply for the students but also understands that learning should be fun and engaging rather than laborious and mechanical. 

In terms of qualifications - I hold a PhD in Applied Electromagnetics from the University of Adelaide (obtained with Dean's Commendation for Doctoral Research Excellence). 

I posses extensive teaching experience ranging from tutition to high-school students ranging from Year 10 - Year 12 during my undergraduate days whilst concurrently mentoring 2nd and 3rd year undergraduate students whilst in my final year of undergraduate study. Therein, during my postgraduate study I taught numerous undergraduate courses for students from 1st -3rd year in the School of Electrical & ELectronics Engineering. 

My teaching methodlogy is as follows: 

1) Relate any concept to a real world example to help the student understand the relevance of the material in day-to-day life. 
2) Use humour to keep the class /students engaged and relaxed to make them percpetive to information reception. 
3) Ask the student to re-iterate the concept to me in their own terms such that I can understand how much information they have actually gleaned. 
4) Re-iterate the concepts that they have missed to them and ask them to re-form their explanation to incorporate the concepts just delivered into their explanation. 
5) Request the student to present a real world example of the concept at hand to confirm their understanding. 

  • Experience in years :  2
  • Experience :  Online Teacher. Other.
  • Specialization :  Mathematics
  • Working with Children Card :  0115-7811
  • Child Card Expiry :  09-Apr-2025
  • Location :  Brisbane
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WA Year 10 Mathematics
Curriculum : WA
Grade : Year 10
Subject : Mathematics

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NSW Year 11 Physics
Curriculum : NSW
Grade : Year 11
Subject : Physics

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Queensland Year 10 Mathematics
Curriculum : Queensland
Grade : Year 10
Subject : Mathematics

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