WA Year 10 Humanities & Social Sciences

WA Year 10 Humanities and Social Science

  • Curriculum :  WA
  • Grade :  Year 10
  • Subject :  Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Type :  One To One
  • Summary :  In WA Year 10, Humanities and Social Sciences are taught under: Civics and Citizenship Economics and Business Geography and History Students polish their reasoning and investigative skills to study events, their consequences, predictions, interdependence, and their effect on development.

Course Description :

WA Year 10 Humanities and Social Science students study Australia’s international legal standing and how it affects the local business and political environment. They also learn how the government manages the economy to ensure a certain quality of life for all Australian citizens. The study of historical concepts, both Australian as well as global, from 1918 to the present time, helps build perspective and empathy.



Civics and Citizenship:
·     Safeguards that protect Australia’s Democratic System
·     Right to Dissent
·     Bounds of Law
Economics and Business:
·     Economic Performance and Living Standards
·     Indicators of Economic Performance
·      Economic Growth Rates
·     Unemployment Trends
·     Inflation Rates
·     Human Development Index
·     Quality of Life Index
·     Sustainability Index
·     Foreign Investment
·     Levels of Debt    
Geographies of Human Well Being:
·     Ways to Measure and Map Human Well Being and Development
·     Spatial Variations between Countries
·     Impact and Effect of Development of Places on Human Well Being
·     Study from a Developing Country or Region
·     Roles of
               ·     International Governments
               ·     National Government
               ·     Non-Governmental Organizations
Depth Study: Investigating Rights and Freedoms
·     Origin and Significance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
·     Australia’s Role in the Development of the Declaration
Humanities and Social Science Skills
·     Questioning and Reasoning
        ·     Identify Current Personal Knowledge
        ·     Gaps and Misconceptions
        ·     Personal Perspective and that of others
        ·     Constructing a Hypothesis, Cause, and Effect
        ·     Patterns and Trends
        ·     Analysis and Clarification of the Purpose of an Inquiry
        ·     Ethical Protocols of Planning an Investigation
·     Primary and Secondary Sources of Data
·     Ethical and Appropriate Protocols for Obtaining Information
·     Interpreting and Analysing Data
·     Evaluating
·     Communicating and Reflecting
·     Analysing


Key features of the syllabus:

WA Year 10 Humanities and Social Science, students learn the importance of drawing conclusions using evidence sourced by ethical means. They compare different perspectives and develop an analytical approach to problem-solving. They study international agreements that Australia has been a key player in changing and relate them to their own rights and responsibilities. Students are taught the role of the government in balancing the economic growth and well-being of its citizens along with how businesses react to economic changes.


Why Edugraff

Edugraff faculty are selected from a wide range of teachers who are trained and comfortable with the Western Australian syllabus and the evaluation system. This is the biggest advantage for students who are tutoring with them. Additionally, a one-to-one tutor keeps pace with the student and builds competence in areas where the student needs it. Edugraff, the best online tutoring platform in Australia, offers the greatest Humanities and Social Science Tutoring for WA Year 10 students.



1. How often can I schedule classes with Edugraff and what happens when a class is missed?

Classes can be pre-fixed according to the availability of time slots in your as well as your tutor’s calendar. If prior notice of a class to be missed is given to the teacher, it can be rescheduled by the teacher itself, else, the Edugraff Technical Support Team can reschedule it for you.

2. How can I clear my doubts?
Doubts can be clarified in your scheduled classes or can be mailed to the tutor and he/she will get back to you within a predetermined time period.


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