WA Year 10 Science

WA Year 10 Science

  • Curriculum :  WA
  • Grade :  Year 10
  • Subject :  Science
  • Type :  One To One
  • Summary :  WA year10 curriculum is the concluding part of the two-year program in which science inquiry skills and science as a human endeavour are the basics for building a lifelong foundation for all science-based occupations. The integration of these strands along with the science understanding strand in WA year 10 equips students to follow science as their career.

Course Description :

In the WA year 10 curriculum, students use their knowledge to connect microscopic and macroscopic occurrences to explain various events and phenomena like the Theory of Natural Selection, Survival of the Fittest, and The Big Bang theory. The study of the Periodic table helps them learn about all known elements and how this table was created on the basis of their properties. Students also explore the world of living with respect to the physical and chemical aspects, their state of equilibrium, and the effect on this equilibrium brought about by changes in the various systems. Our online tutoring for the WA Year 10 Science course is organised in such a way to help students learn these concepts effectively by performing realistic exercises.



The studying of Science in Year 10 is categorised into:
Science Understanding
·     Biological Sciences
           ·     Heredity, DNA and Genes
·     Theory of Evolution
·     Chemical Sciences
·     Periodic table
·     Atomic Structure and Properties of Elements
·     Chemical Reactions
·     Earth and Space Sciences
·     Galaxies, Stars and Solar Systems
·     Origin of the Universe
·     Physical Sciences
·     Conservation of Energy
·     Laws of Motion
Science as  a Human Endeavour
·     Changes in the Understanding of Science including challenging existing Theories
·     Advanced Science understanding using Science and Technology
·     Development in Technology using Scientific Discoveries
·     Using Advances in Science to generate new Career Opportunities
·     Values and Needs of Society to influence Scientific Research
Science Inquiry Skills
·     Questioning and Predicting
·     Formulate Questions/hypothesis
·     Investigate Scientifically
·     Planning and Conducting
·     Plan, Select and Use different Investigation Methods
                     ·     Fieldwork and Laboratory Experiments
·     Collect and Record Reliable Data systematically
·     Assess Risk
·     Address Ethical Issues
          ·     Select and Use appropriate Equipment
          ·     Use Digital Technologies    
·     Processing and analyzing data and information·     
·     Analyse Patterns and Trends in data
·     Understanding relationships between Variables
·     Identify Inconsistencies
·     Draw Conclusions consistent with Evidence
·     Evaluating
·     Identify Primary and Secondary Sources, areas of Uncertainty
·     Possible Alternate Explanations
·     Ways to Improve Quality of Data
          ·     Evaluate Approaches to solve Problems
·     Communicating
           ·     Construct Evidence-Based Arguments
          ·     Present Arguments using Scientific Language and Convention


Key features of the syllabus

Students of  WA Year 10 understand the meaning and purpose of classifying all known elements under the periodic table which is then used to predict the properties of elements. They also learn how these elements react, the conditions required for these chemical reactions, and the factors that influence the reactions. Students learn to apply their knowledge of force, mass, and acceleration, their relationships, and how they influence motion. They study energy conservation, transfer of energy, and scientific theories about various phenomena like the origin of the universe, heredity, and evolution. They realise the importance of collecting reliable, unbiased, and ethical evidence to formulate arguments to support scientific hypotheses in the WA Year 10 Science course.


Why Edugraff

WA Year 10 is a crucial year for most students as this is the time they select the subjects leading to the choice of their careers based on their aptitude and abilities. Edugraff teachers understand the importance of this and provide complete support and guidance to the students. The student can avail themselves of their expertise to clear their doubts and take counselling.
Join Edugraff’s online Science tutoring for WA Year 10 to understand concepts through clear and simple explanations.



1. I need help in clearing a few subtopics. Can I specifically take classes for that?
The biggest advantage you get with Edugraff classes is that they cater to your needs in particular. They will curate a timetable according to your requirement.


2. Can I change the schedule of my classes?  
Yes, schedules can be changed according to the consent and availability of both teacher and student.


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