WA Year 4 English

WA Year 4 English Tutoring

  • Curriculum :  WA
  • Grade :  Year 4
  • Subject :  English
  • Type :  One To One
  • Summary :  The teaching of WA Year 4 English is centered around the three components of language, literature, and literacy. These are interwoven to develop the skills of listening, reading, writing, speaking along with creating. Edugraff’s WA English tutoring for Year 4 is a comprehensive online tutoring session that focuses on developing your child’s knowledge and potential in the key subject area of English

Course Description :

In WA Year 4 English, a range of aesthetic and informative texts are used to introduce verse, poetry, drama, and the formation of speech and written matter. Literature from Australian narratives and classic and contemporary literature from across the world is used to study grammatical features, phonetics, and vocabulary. In the online course for WA Year 4 English, we use various tools like reports and reviews, and students learn the nuances of the language.   



·     Language Variation and Change
·     Language for Interaction
        ·     Language of Opinion and Feeling
        ·     Language of Factual Reporting or Recording
·     Text Structure and Organisation depending on
        ·     Approach to the Topic
        ·     Purpose
        ·     Intended Audience
        ·     Use of Linking Devices
        ·     Dialogue and Quoted Speech
        ·     Text Navigation, Links, Graphics and Layout



Expressing and Developing Ideas:
·     Structure of Sentences using
·      Noun Phrases
·     Verb Phrases
·     Prepositional Phrases
·     Adverb Phrases
·     Quoted and Reported Speech
               ·     Composition of text
               ·     Vocabulary
·     Phonics and Word Knowledge
·      Understanding Letter Patterns
·      Double Letters
·      Spelling Generalisations
·      Morphemic Word Families
·      Common Prefixes and Suffixes
·      Word Origins
·      Homophones
·      Use Phonics to read and write Multisyllabic words     
·     Literature and Context
·     Connect different Authors with Similar Ideas and Storylines
·     Sharing Literary Experiences, Reviews
·     Use Metalanguage for Describing Ideas and other Features
·     Examining Literature
·     Techniques used by Authors to hold the Reader’s Attention
               ·     Character Development
               ·     Plot Tension
         ·     Range of Literary Devices, Their interpretation, and Usage
         ·     Spoonerisms, Neologisms, and Puns
·     Creating Literature
·     Texts in Context
·     Identify Language Features from Earlier Times
·     Comparison with Contemporary Vocabulary, Layout and Content
·     Interacting With Others
        ·     Interpret Ideas and Information in Texts
        ·     Acknowledge Another’s Point of View
        ·     Vocal Effects (Tone, Pace, Pitch, Volume)
        ·     Clear and Coherent Speech
        ·     Deliver Presentations with learned Content

·     Interpreting and Evaluating
·     Creating Texts
·     Plan, Draft and Publish Original Text
·     Control over Text Structures and Language Features
·     Re-read and Edit
·     Develop Fluency
·     Use a Range of Software  
·     Analysing


Key features of the syllabus:

Students graduating out of WA year 4 learn to express their opinion and respect that of others. They study the effect of language features and vocabulary on holding the audience's interest. They understand basic grammar and use a range of vocabulary to create work that is accurately spelled and punctuated correctly. From the WA Year 4 English course, they also learn how to present ideas to an audience and take part actively in group discussions.




Why Edugraff for WA Year 4 English Tutoring


Edugraff is a leading online tutoring platform in Australia, providing online tutoring for WA Year 4 English and various other curriculum. Edugraff tutors are fluent in spoken and written aspects of the English language. They ensure that students get plenty of practice with all the essential skills of language building, that is, listening, speaking, reading, and writing. They encourage students to create texts to explain ideas and images using their imagination and creativity.

Join Edugraff’s online tutoring for WA Year 4 English to understand concepts easily. Our highly skilled tutors will work with you to create a study plan aimed at attaining your objectives, and as mentors, they will discover a pace and method that suits you.



1. What is the best way for my child to attain fluency in a language?

The best way to learn a language is to surround yourself with the language. This essentially requires a lot of exposure to good quality English. Reading, listening, and formulating ideas that are expressed to an audience will help improve language skills.

2. How can written work be checked by the tutor?
 All written work can be sent to the teacher using a media which is suitable for both you and your tutor. The tutor will make corrections and send them back to you for you to study and correct your errors.  


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