WA Year 7 Science

WA Year 7 Science

  • Curriculum :  WA
  • Grade :  Year 7
  • Subject :  Science
  • Type :  One To One
  • Summary :  Tutoring in Science over the span of years 7 to 10 of the WA curriculum develops scientific inquiry skills and understanding of events and phenomena along with the human contribution to Science. These three aspects are integrated into theoretical and practical learning programs of our online Science tutoring for WA Year 7.

Course Description :

In  Western Australia Year 7 Science, students are taught about classification and the need for it. They understand the importance of various cycles like the food chain and water cycle by developing models. Forces, motion, renewable and non-renewable sources, events based on the relationship between the sun, earth, and moon, are some of the topics covered this year. At Edugraff, we help students comprehend all the important concepts through our exclusive sessions.

The unique resources and sessions we provide in our online tutoring for  WA Year 7 support students to make connections to their science learning effortlessly. The studying of Science in Years 7 to 10 are categorised into three strands:

Science Understanding

Biological Sciences


  Interactions between organisms


Chemical Sciences

· Mixtures, Solutions, and their separation techniques

· Earth and Space Sciences

· Predictable phenomena on earth, seasons, eclipses

· Renewable and non-renewable resources

· Water as a resource, water cycle


Physical Sciences

·  Forces, Motion, Earth’s Gravitational Attraction


Science as  a Human Endeavour

·  Nature and development of Science

·  Use and influence of science

Science Inquiry Skills

·  Questioning and Predicting

    Planning and Conducting


Processing and analysing data and information



Key features of the syllabus:
Students in WA Year 7, experience working as a scientist, learning the skill of separating substances, discovering earth and space science, exploring the world of living things, and studying about forces and simple machines. They enhance their Science vocabulary by communicating and presenting their ideas and findings using scientific terms. Our online Science tutoring is very well-organized and explanatory to help students under the core concepts of the syllabus easily.   

Why Edugraff

Edugraff, being the best online tutoring platform in Australia, offers the special feature of catering to one student by a teacher. This allows the student to learn at his own pace and clarify his doubts without hesitation. This builds confidence and concept clarity. Our online tutors in Australia offer outstanding live classes in almost every subject under all Australian curriculum's.

Join Edugraff and learn the concept of Science easily. We help you comprehend the topics of your WA Year 7 Science skillfully, without spending a huge time on the study materials.




1.There are a lot of areas covered in the teaching of Year 7 WA Science. How can I be sure that it will be synchronised with the curriculum Edugraff will follow?
This is quite easily and effectively achieved by sharing the school planner with the Edugraff online tutors in Australia so that all teaching done in the online classes is mapped and matched to the school work. This avoids overburdening and discrepancies.   


2. Does Edugraff provide enough additional practice to the students?  

The Edugraff teachers provide students with extra practice worksheets as required for the drill and concept clarity of the topic.  


3.What is the Australian science curriculum?
The WA Science curriculum has three strands- Science understanding, Science as a human endeavour and Science inquiry skills.

4.What Science units do the students learn in WA year 7?
The WA Science curriculum includes chemistry, physics and biology that is designed to build on the topics the students learned at primary school.


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