WA Year 8 Humanities & Social Sciences

WA Year 8 Humanities and Social Science

  • Curriculum :  WA
  • Grade :  Year 8
  • Subject :  Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Type :  One To One
  • Summary :  WA Year 8, Humanities and Social Sciences work on three zones of learning - Civics and Citizenship, Economics and Business, Geography and History. This year entails the development of skills like critical thinking and application, questioning, researching, analysing, evaluating, communicating and reflecting.

Course Description :

In WA year 8, students study the Westminster System, Democracy and participation, the process of law-making in Australia, the responsibilities and rights of citizens, and other aspects of Australian identity. They study the process of being involved in their democracy. While in Humanities and Social Science, they are taught the methods of collection, overview, and classification of relevant data from authentic sources, Economics deal with the concept of market dynamics, to understand how resources and factors of production are allocated to ensure a healthy economy along with employment in the present times, in the future and how employment is affected by regional, national, and global issues. Edugraff’s Humanities and Social Science online tutoring for WA Year 8 integrates students with the prescribed topics of Civics and Citizenship, Humanities & Social Science, Economics & Business, Geography, and History.



WA Year 8 Humanities and Social Science syllabus comprises different areas of Civics and Citizenship, Economics & Business, Geography, History, and Humanities & Social Science topics.

Civics and Citizenship

·     Democracy and Law in Action
·     Australia’s Democracy
·     Electoral System
·     Statutory Law
·     Common Law
·     Civil Law
·     Criminal Law
·     Customary Law


Economics and Business

·     Participation and Influences in the Marketplace
·     Price Determination
·     Allocation of Resources
·     Government’s role in Regulating Supply of Goods and Services
·     Rights and Responsibilities of Consumers and Businesses in Australia
·     Types of businesses
        ·     Sole Trader
        ·     Partnership
        ·     Corporation
        ·     Cooperative
        ·     Franchise
·     Effects of Technology, Communication, and Innovation on Work
·     Landforms and Landscape
·     Geographical Processes, Case Study on one type of Landform
·     Geomorphic Hazards (Causes, Spatial Distribution, Impact, Response)
        ·     Volcanic Eruption
        ·     Earthquake
        ·     Tsunami
        ·     Landslide
        ·     Avalanche
·     Changing Nations
·     Causes and Consequences of Urbanisation in Australia
·     Internal and International Migration



·     Medieval World
·     Social, Cultural, Economic and Political Features of Medieval Europe
·     Continuity and Change in Society
·     Black Death - 14th Century Plague: Origin, Causes, Symptoms, Effects


Humanities and Social Science Skills

·     Methods of Collecting Relevant Data from Authentic Sources
·     Overview and Classification of Data using Graphic Organisers
·     Primary and Secondary Sources of Data
·     Ethical and Appropriate Protocols for Obtaining Information
·     Interpreting and Analysing Data
·     Translating Information to Graphs, Tables, etc.



Key features of the syllabus:

In WA Year 8 Humanities and Social Science, students are able to use the skills they learn to investigate historical as well as current events, developments, and issues. They are able to maintain ethically correct standards of evidence collection which they use to draw conclusions and inferences. Students learn the democratic setup, law and order system, functioning of markets, and the interdependencies of the components of the market. They are made aware of various geographical landforms and the effects of natural events as well as human interactions.


Why Edugraff

Humanities and Social Science teaching requires a combination of critical thinking, application of skill, and a balanced attitude. The Edugraff teachers strive for a balance that combines all these skills while teaching, They use a variety of aids to enhance understanding. Edugraff, one of the best online tutoring platforms in Australia provides you best coaching for Humanities and Social Science Tutoring for WA Year 8. When it comes to online tutoring in WA Year 8 Humanities and Social Science, our experienced tutors adopt structured teaching methods to help students grasp the core concepts easily.

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1. How can I benefit from Edugraff classes?
The most beneficial aspect of Edugraff classes is the top-of-the-line faculty with years of experience and expertise. Additionally, having your tutor only for yourself allows you to study at your pace, adjusting it wherever necessary.     


2. Can I reschedule classes?
Yes, you can. This is subject to the availability of time, both at your end as well as
your teacher’s.  

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