WA Year 8 Science

WA Year 8 Science

  • Curriculum :  WA
  • Grade :  Year 8
  • Subject :  Science
  • Type :  One To One
  • Summary :  The teaching of Science over the span of years 7 to 10 of the WA curriculum, develops scientific inquiry skills and understanding of events and phenomena along with the human contribution to Science. These three aspects are integrated into the learning programs in a sequential and organised manner as planned by the teacher.

Course Description :

In the WA Year 8 Science course, students develop their understanding of microscopic and atomic structures, body systems, and the interdependence of organs, changes in a matter relating them to reversible or irreversible changes, various forms of energy, and their effects on change in the different systems.  The methodology adopted in WA Year 8 Science and upwards is mostly experimentation, prediction, proposing explanations, and finding evidence to support their inferences to understand various phenomena.

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The studying of Science in WA Year 8 Science course is categorised into:
Science Understanding
·     Biological Sciences
          ·     Cells, their Structure and Functions
·     Multicellular Organisms and Systems of organs
·     Chemical Sciences
·     Properties of Different States of Matter
·     Categorization of Elements, Compounds and Mixtures
·     Chemical Changes
·     Earth and Space Sciences
·     Rocks and their Mineral Components
·     Sedimentary, Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks
·     Physical Sciences
·     Different Forms of Energy
·     Kinetic Energy
·     Heat Energy
·     Potential Energy
·     Energy Transformations



Science as  a Human Endeavour
·     Changes in the Understanding of the World  due to Scientific Progress
·     Development of Science Knowledge across Disciplines and Cultures
·     Solutions to Contemporary Issues using Science and Technology
·     Using Science in occupations and its Influence on Human Activity



Science Inquiry Skills

·     Questioning and Predicting
·     Identify Questions
·     Make Predictions based on Scientific Knowledge
·     Planning and Conducting
·     Individual and Collaborative Planning
·     Fieldwork and Experiments
·     Ensure Safety and Ethics
·     Select appropriate Equipment
·     Collect Data with Accuracy
·     Processing and analysing data and information·     
·     Construct Graphs, Keys, Models
·     Analyse Patterns, Relationships
·     Use Digital Technologies wherever required
·     Summarise
·     Draw Conclusions
·     Evaluating
·     Reflect
·     Evaluate areas of Improvement
·     Evaluate Claims using Evidence
·     Communicating



Key features of the WA Year 8 Science syllabus:

Students in WA Year 8, compare physical and chemical changes based on the properties of the states of matter, the various processes involved in rock formation and relationships between cells, tissues, organs and body systems among other things. They learn the importance of a hypothesis, making a prediction, finding evidence to support their theories, and applying their learning to scientifically evaluate the claims of others.  


Why Edugraff?

The Edugraff Science faculty ensures all scientific knowledge is backed up with experiments and practical learning. They introduce methods that help students to improve the quality of data so that their reasoning is accurate and presented in an effective manner.  Edugraff has a pool of experienced Science tutors to educate the students on all the core concepts. Our online tutoring for WA year 8 Science students is strategically planned and well-organized in order to educate students in a seamless way.


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1. My child missed some classes in school. How can Edugraff help him to cover up the missed portions?
Edugraff teachers can re-teach, reschedule or revise a concept as per the needs of the student. Extra classes are available on request and every session is curated to the requirement of the child.      

2. How will my child benefit from the Edugraff classes?  

Since, Edugraff has a policy of one child, one tutor, it is as good as having your child have his teacher at home. The teaching is done at the pace that the child is comfortable with and concepts are clearly explained before moving ahead.


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