Are You Finding Online Classes Tedious? Here are 7 Ways to Change it!

Are You Finding Online Classes Tedious? Here are 7 Ways to Change it!

For many reasons, online classes do look promising. Students can learn from the comfort of their houses, can find some to unwind and relax, can get the support of parents throughout the day and so goes the list. But even then, online classes are turning out to be tedious for both students and parents. It has become a mammoth task and many are greatly dissatisfied by the results. Parents are complaining that online classes are not fruitful and students are not benefiting from them. But before judging the teachers and the teaching style and curricula, let us evaluate the studying practices of the students.

Here are seven things to avoid in online learning to reap the maximum benefit out of each lecture. 

  1. Virtual class is also real!

Many students believe that online classes are not exactly ‘classes’ as they are not giving an in-school feeling. You are wrong. Even though everything is happening on the screen, it is real. See it as a makeshift place where you can see all your friends and teachers and interact with them and learn. If your child is also not considering it ‘real’ then it is time you advise him to be serious with the studies as the negligence will lead to poor GPA scores and can even lose an academic year. 

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  1. Missing out points

Online learning means tons of messages exchanged, emails sent, and calls made. It can lead to either the parent or the child missing out on important dates and points. For example, the child can forget a date of submission leading to losing internal grades or missing a competition he/she could have performed well. It is better to carry an academic calendar or a journal where you can jot down important dates and points which you can refer to at the end of the day. 

  1. Distraction alert!

Being online is tricky as it will need an enormous amount of concentration and a bit of ‘determination’ as well to not slide away from the lecture. They might skip away, browse another window, zone out, and even show a lack of interest to attend it every day. Parental guidance can do much in this area. Teach them the importance of education and motivate them to be energetic. 

  1. Always ask questions

Students who were otherwise active have fallen dull over the course of online learning. Students have become passive listeners comprehending what’s spoken to them and not raising any questions which can help them understand the concept further and better with more lucidity. Encourage students to interact in the class and raise doubts. It is also one chance to measure how much students have understood from a lecture and which points they have missed out on. 

  1. Have a fixed space

The bed is not the place to study period! Assign a place to attend online classes every day. It could be the study table, seating on the patio, somewhere in the common room but never on the bed. It can confuse the mind leading to students feeling disinterested and drowsy as the brain has always associated the place with sleep. Keep an area exclusively for the classes and another for relaxing. 

  1. Assignments are important

Virtual class means virtual assignments. That is no reason to be sloppy about it. Encourage students to take it seriously and submit it at the right time. Ask them to read more on the topic assigned. It is one chance to grow research habits in children. Teach them to be punctual in their works and reward them when they turn in their works at the right time. 

  1. Take breaks

It is important to take breaks in between the classes. Ask them to move away from the screen during break times and take a brisk walk, stretch and engage in something they love. It could be drawing, playing, or enjoying a pet. Sitting through the online classes at a stretch is not going to benefit them as they will keep zoning out. Give them treats, snacks, and refreshments that will help them feel refreshed for the rest of the session. It will also take away the tediousness of the classes helping them to return more energetically. 

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