Importance of Mathematics in the Overall Curriculum

Importance of Mathematics in the Overall Curriculum

“Everything around you numbers, everything around you is Mathematics.”
This popular quote demonstrates the role of Maths in human life. Every creation, every invention, every concept, and every activity uses calculations, measurements, numbers, or mathematical formulae directly or indirectly.
One of the subjects that can help score, students must understand the concepts thoroughly. A common thing observed is that examiners avoid asking direct questions as much as possible. It is the same across the world. The teachers, the people who prepare questions, find it amusing to ask tricky questions.
Such questions are not intended to trouble you, but to evaluate how much you understood. Thorough practice and revisions can help you overcome any kind of ambiguity concerning concepts. Further, the repeated practice would enhance the capability of your brain as well.
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Why Mathematics is So Important?

One of the brilliant students, Rohit, had good memory power. A master in remembering everything to the minutest detail, his habit was to gulp down every topic. He scored remarkably well, with this ability, until he reached higher studies.
He was not aware that the scenario is entirely different in classes 10+2 and above. The questions were more or less confusing. His tried and tested method failed miserably. He went for the exam remembering not only the formulas but also the questions, which he thought important.
Nothing went as planned. The exam went bad for him. He couldn’t attend any more than ten or fifteen questions. That’s when he realized that he should study the concept and practice questions based on those.
This is the beauty of Mathematics. More than that, Maths has been a prominent subject since time immemorial. Mathematics, especially Geometry and Algebra, have been taught by the Greeks in medieval times.
Once you have earned proficiency in Maths, your cognitive capabilities improve significantly. The constant functioning of the brain during problem-solving would offer you better machine skills, quantitative reasoning aptitude, and so on.
No, we are not exaggerating. These are facts proven by researchers from the arena of pedagogy.    
The fun fact is almost all the subjects depend on Maths. All of them use, take support from, Mathematics at some point. However, Mathematics doesn’t depend on any other subject. Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Science, Economics, everywhere you would find Maths involved.
There are theories that will not exist if the subjects say, “no, we don’t want any help from Mathematics.”
These are some of the factors that make Mathematics a subject of paramount importance. The curriculum is meaningless if it doesn’t include Maths.
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Does Mathematics Help in Improving Problem-solving, Really?

Of course, it helps. Mathematics definitely improves problem-solving skills. You may not have realized this very aspect. Nonetheless, it is a reality. Involvement in calculations, measurements, and resolutions would energize the specific brain areas. This would in turn enhance your cognitive skills.
The improvement in logical and rational skills will augment your analytical thinking capability. This trait, analytical thinking, is the essential requirement for problem-solving after all. Once your analytical thinking improves, you will start assessing every situation in an indifferent manner. You will have a helicopter view of the situation, which would aid in resolving the problem.
That’s not all!
The reasoning ability would prompt you to think coherently. Offering you a clear vision of the things around you. With this quality instilled in your brain, even the biggest issue is a no issue.
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Does Maths Have a Role in Every Career?

That is the single-word answer to the question. Mathematics has a key role to play in every career. Forget everything else; you must be able to calculate the salary and incentives, right? Keeping fun aside, let’s consider some jobs as examples to answer the question.
Take the job of an engineer. His or her entire career depends on how efficiently he or she designs projects. The engineering drawing, evaluation of space requirements, ascertainment of the project data, and implementation of construction, manufacture, or development would necessitate exemplary mathematical skills. Even a minor error in the calculation can derail the project, as well as, his or her career.
For a factory employee, the production activities would entail calculation of various dimensions, examination of the manufactured item, keeping a count of products, etc. Even though automated machinery may be of help, human involvement is necessary for many production lines. Here also, Maths is an unavoidable requirement.
In the case of a scientist, his or her research would have many calculations. An erroneous estimation would ruin the entire research process. In fact, it is quite difficult to be a scientist without adequate knowledge of Mathematical concepts, calculations,  and theories.
You may observe any job around. It would become evident to you that Mathematics is necessary at some or other time. Implying that, unlike other subjects, Maths has an undeniable role in our lives. Underscoring its importance in the overall curriculum. Every student must imbibe the theories and concepts.
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