Martin Creelman

About Me

I am a mature age tutor, with about 5 years’ experience in maths tutoring. I enjoy tutoring high school students, increasing their confidence in doing maths.

Academic Qualifications

I have a Bachelor of Science from Murdoch University, double-majoring in Mathematics and Computer Science.

Experiences and Background

I have not been employed as a classroom teacher, however I have been involved in the publication of textbooks for ATAR students. I was the typesetter and proof reader for Creelman’s Exam Questions prior to 2008.

Teaching Methodology

Why choose me to be your tutor? You may be stuck with a school teacher who doesn't engage your concentration well, who isn't good at teaching new concepts, or who teaches at a pace that is too fast for you to keep up with. Whatever the problem you have with your maths teacher, a tutor like me can fill in the gaps of your understanding and help you meet the requirements of your math syllabus. I believe I have a good ability to relate well to many kinds of students. I bridge the gap between your level and my level. I want to give my students confidence in doing maths, to take away the fear factor. I care for my students, I have patience with them and I host the lesson at a pace that suits their learning style. If desired, I give the student's parent a summary after each lesson.

What is my approach to tutoring? I start by gauging the extent of your ability for the topic you want to work on. Then we work through questions of varying degree of difficulty, and I assign homework to let you practice questions at each level of difficulty. The lesson is for learning new concepts and the homework is for reinforcing these concepts so that your learning is effectively committed to memory.

  • Experience in years :  5
  • Experience :  Tution Teacher. Online Teacher.
  • Specialization :  Mathematics
  • Working with Children Card :  1363741
  • Child Card Expiry :  05-Aug-2022
  • Location :  Willetton, Perth
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WA Year 11 Mathematics Specialist
Curriculum : WA
Grade : Year 11
Subject : Mathematics Specialist

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WA Year 12 Mathematics Methods
Curriculum : WA
Grade : Year 12
Subject : Mathematics Methods

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